Design The comet was so close the earth and


The swastika is
possibly the oldest symbols of all time. All swastikas are designed the same.
They are all just bent crosses that contain chiral symmetry, chiral symmetry
means that the symbol doesn’t have any reflective symmetry. It only contains 90
degree rotational symmetry and is a mirror image to itself. People have many
different names for the swastika depending on where they are located in the
world. A few names for the swastika are: The Croix, Gammee, Kruszwica’s
swastika, Broken sun cross, Fylfot, Crux hamate, Manji, Battersea, Shield
Thames swastika, Hakenkseuz, Sauwastika, and the Aztec swastika.

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Chinese have had an experience with the founding of the swastika. Carl Sagan
wrote about how the Chinese have a man script of a comet tail that revealed a
swastika. The comet was so close the earth and the rotation was just right that
it allowed the people of china to see the gas streaming behind it. This lead to
the Chinese people adopting the swastika as a symbol of peace and then leading
to people adopting it all around the world.


The swastika has
been misunderstood for many years. Most of the time people think of the swastika
as a symbol that the Nazi’s used when Adolf Hitler was in rule of Germany
during 1934-1945. People think that the swastika is viewed as a symbol of
radical supremacy and association with Nazism and German nationalism or
patriotism. Where they would murder Jews and everyone who got in their way
during World War I. They had concentration camps and would try to take out the
whole population of Jews. This has led to many Western countries thinking bad
thoughts of the swastika. They don’t realize the swastika was used up to 5000
years before Hitler and the Nazi’s adopted it.

Swastika used to be a sign of peace and good luck. Now people think of it as
the opposite, “the universal sign of evil”. 
The swastika was used by religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and
Jainism. Also architects have found the swastika in early civilizations such as
Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamia, and the Byzantine Empire, which was
founded around 330 AD. This shows that the Swastika wasn’t always meant to
stand for evil and terror, it must have been used for religions earlier than
you remember.

the Indus Valley Civilization, which was a civilization during the Bronze Age
around 3300 BCE, they study the religion Hinduism. Hinduism uses the swastika
as a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and the sun. They also have a symbol for
the opposite meaning which is called the sauvastika, which stands of night,
horror, and terror. In American Navajo Indian culture they believe that the
four arms of the swastika stand for whirling logs. There is this myth where an
outcast left his village to go on a voyage only on hollowed out logs and was
tossed and turned all around while going through rough and violent currents.
But he was saved by the gods and brought to safety where he had gained much
knowledge and wisdom. He then brought back his knowledge and wisdom to his
tribe and taught them the ways.

the religion known as Buddhism, the swastika is meant to symbolize the foot
prints of Buddha. Buddha is believed to be the person who taught the religion
of Buddhism so this means that the swastika is a very important symbol to the Buddhists.
The symbol stands for an eternal cycling.

pre-Christian cultures used this symbol as well. They used the symbol where the
four arms stand for the four forces of nature, which include the earth, the
sun, the wind, and the water. Many areas in the world view the swastika as a
start of their religion or civilization. For example in Norse mythology they
believe that the swastika is a symbol for Thor’s hammer. Another example is
that in Panama they believe that the symbol stands for the Kuna tribe, which
has a swastika on there flag. After the Nazis adopted the flag in 1920 they
changed their flag to have a circle in the middle of it so that people realized
that it had nothing to do with the association with Nazis. Many cultures also
believe that the reason for the swastika having four bent arms is to represent
the sun as it goes through the sky.

places in Europe and all over the world that used to use the swastika symbol
before the Nazis did were abandoned during the 1930s. The buildings that were
built in stone were not removed but kept there. You can still go find them
today at places like the elephants at the Danish Carlsberg Brewery. But places
that were built not in stone were abandoned and changed forever.

swastika has the prefix swasti, swasti means ” luck, well, success, good,
auspicious, and prosperity.” This symbol used to be applied at entrances and on
pottery all over the world to remind people of well-being as old as 3300BCE.

the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler adopted the swastika symbol to symbolize German
nationalistic pride. They believed that the Germans were the Aryan race. When
the swastika was first used in Germany around 1920 Hitler said, “it had an
effect of a flaming torch”, meaning that it made people work harder to achieve
their goals. To all Jews and enemies of Germany the swastika is a sign of
anti-Semitism and terror. In many western countries the swastika is viewed as a
symbol of radical supremacy and association with Nazism. The Nazis did a good
job at hiding the long history of the swastika because many people from the
west know very little about the long history of the swastika. People who used
the swastika became ashamed and embarrassed by using the swastika having its
association with the Nazis and later decided to get rid of the symbol and no
longer use it.

swastika has so many meanings that it has lead to misinterpretations,
misunderstandings, and mutual accusations across the world. In America you
cannot display or use the swastika or the Nazi flag due to the first amendment.
In Israel the swastika is legal. There was a proposal to have a community-wide
ban of the swastika but it was abandoned because countries such as Hindus,
Jainists and Buddhists still used the symbol for religious uses. But for
Germany, the country where it ruined the meaning of the swastika, surprisingly
it is illegal to display the symbol.

the swastika is about the only thing that is still alive from the Nazis. People
have started to forgive Germany and become their friends since they have
created a civilized country. Many people are also starting to be fine with the
use of the swastika because it has many meanings for good for many different
religions and civilizations.



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