Delilah Literary Analysis EssayThe Great Gatsby as many people

Delilah Vela    Mrs. PaschingerHonors American Literature10 January 2018                Gatsby Literary Analysis EssayThe Great Gatsby as many people know was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald made it so each and every character would have their very own personality distinguished in the novel and their true sides will shine bright to the reader after reading over it a few times. Therefore, after reading this book and analyzing It thoroughly you will come to the fact that the way Nick, the narrator portrayed the characters, it appeared that there were two complete opposite people in the story. That would be because Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan were very different from each other,. Tom was obviously very ignorant and arrogant. He was unfaithful, careless, and seemed as if he was unable to love deeply like the way Gatsby had. Gatsby However loved and he certainly loved deeply. He was determined, persistent and very passionate for what he set out to do, and that was to be with his love, Daisy It is only a fact that Gatsby was the most admirable character in this novel.he fell in love with Daisy when he was a soldier, they were both very young at the time. Although, they were restricted from being married because of his wealth status. He still tried to do whatever he could, even if it meant going to jail if he was ever caught for the illegal things he did to make money. He became incredibly wealthy, but it was too late. Five years had passed and Daisy had already married and fell for another man. Gatsby is still so in love with Daisy, and he knows that she is too. He was determined, he had parties every weekend just so maybe one day she would show up. He wanted her there so badly he even went out of his way to ask his neigbor, Nick to help set them on a date. Once she agreed to have tea, Gatsby was so caring he had tea and all the treats at Nick’s house waiting for her. Gatsby did everything he could to impress Daisy. Bought a huge house, became incredibly wealthy, was always so kind to her. He never stopped loving her. This shows that he is selfless, and he would do anything to make Daisy happy.  Tom was overall so horrible, he did so many things to prove this. Tom did not love Daisy the way Gatsby did, He was even with another woman from New York. He did not care for her well being. He treated women like property rather than people.. He would abuse women, like the way he punched myrtle, breaking her nose when she repeatedly said Daisy’s name. He was overly confident always thinking he was superior to everyone else. Tom was not only un cable of loving only one person but he had no emotions, when his mistress was killed he just simply said how he was not that close to her, how could someone be so evil? He was completely despicable, Gatsby is so much of a better person than he is. Buchanan forced Daisy to not go to Gatsby’s funeral. Gatsby was such a good person, he did not even care about getting in trouble for Myrtle’s death. He gladly took the blame for it, because he did not want anything bad to happen to Daisy. Tom is incapable of loving Daisy the way Gatsby had although he still kept her away from Gatsby. He should have let Daisy be with Gatsby because then she would be truly happy. Another reason why Tom was the most despicable character in the novel was because he convinced George Wilson that Gatsby killed Myrtle. So technically he was the reason why Jay Gatsby was killed, especially since Daisy was the one who killed Myrtle. While Gatsby blamed himself for the murder, Tom blamed others. This shows that Gatsby was willing to do anything for her once again and that is the most admirable thing a person could do.