Deepwater per day. In July 2010 it was accounted

Deepwater Horizon oil slick, otherwise called Gulf of Mexico oil slick
is the biggest marine oil slick ever, caused by an April 20, 2010. It is one of
the biggest oil slick in the history of the petroleum industry and it was
estimated to be 22 – 25% larger in volume than the previous largest oil spill. The BP Deep water
horizon oil spill was the largest oil spill incident breaking the other records
where 47000 people and 7000 tools were deployed could have been a preventable
incident. Also BP and its partners were also responsible for not providing
enough safety measures to minimize this incident from occurring.


Oil spill was seen on the twelve of 22nd April
2010 when a vast oil spill started to spread at the past oil site. The oil
streamed for 85 – 387 daysbegan to spread at the previous oil site. The
oil flowed for 85 -387 days. Around 70000 sq miles of the ocean was effected in
this oil spill incident.

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The leak
began on April 20 as a big movement  of
oil bur thwell. The two wells were not strong to with hold  the pressure because they were made up of a
concrete that used nitrogen gas.The oil spilled
up the Deepwater rig’s riser till the platform, where it ignited into fire,
killing 11 workers and injuring arounf 17 people. The roil rig sank on  April 22, breaking the riser. Oil began to
spill into the ocean, the gulf of mexico. The amount of oil spilling the rig
was estimated by BP to be about 800-1200 barrels per day where as the US
government estimated it to be around 55000 to 62000 barrels per day.


In July 2010 it was accounted for that the spill had a sevre impact on
the marine life. The harm to the sea was pulverizing, particularly it
jeopardized the Lousiana hotcake batfish which was altogether contained inside
the spill influenced region. More than 4,600,000 pounds of oiled material was
found from the Louisiana coast, Later in 2013. BP admitted they discovered that
things were broken in the sub surface during the top kill effort.


The main causes of this incident were

– Usage of defective cement on  the well
faulting mostly BP but also rig operator ‘Transocean’ and contractor ‘
Halliburton’ which was declared by U.S government in September,2011. 

– White House Commission pointed the finger at
BP and it’s accomplices for a progression of cost cutting choices and
insufficient security framework.

– U.S District judge stated it was due to
gross negligence and reckless conduct.


In July,2015 BP agreed to pay as per the 
settlement which is $18.7 Billion.

Later $20 Billion was agreed to be
oaod for the incident by BP and later on they paid $6.2 Billion for
the cost used to remove the oil spill.


Later in October, 2012 they had paid fines
upto $850 million. 

Subsurface oil stayed Offshore and in the fine

Due to the oil spill the ecosystem was
disturbed where it was affecting risk of human life and also environmental
aspects like commercial fisheries.


They have  started doing regular cleaning
process which have eventually decreased by the cleaning being conducted on as
needed basis which is to the resonse to public reports.

They started by doing in three ways:
Containment, dispersal and removal.

Only 25% was removed and 75% could be removed
as it was accumilated down below the sand particles.



Removal of the oil which was spread over vast
regions has to be cleared for he regular living. 

They started to do it by 




Collection (for later processing)


If I would have been in place of BP,  I
and my team would have taken proper measures to make the event succesful.

We might have conducted various tests for the
cement used for the well to cover, proper usae of hydraulic machined and used a
proper battery .

I would have also conducted test for measuring
the pressure of the gas on the well through which the oil might havr leaked.

And also properly checking the rig and all the
tools and the equipment for tge oil plant and made sure to use the resources
effectively using skilles people and made it a successful project.