Death, trend can slowly build up a humongous amount

      Death, it can be the greatest fear of all
humankind. But, have you ever experienced
a time that you want to die, willing to die. Sometimes,
you may wonder, why some people choose to suicide rather than live on. You may
wonder, why these people are willing to throw their souls into hell rather than staying in this colorful
world. But, what you don’t know is that it can be worse to live rather than die

      Some people say that all creatures are afraid of death, but can there anything that can more terrifying than death?? The answer is definitely yes. Look at
those workers that work 16 hours a day
and got paid a little. Look at those
officers that need to look over piles of
papers that can be over 1 meters high and have to sign on every one of them.
This is not only one day, they have to do this every day, except for the
holidays of course, and id one thing goes wrong, then their job can be ruined.
This trend can slowly build up a humongous
amount of pressure and stress within them. Once the pressure stacks up to a height that they are suffering just by living
in this world, death can be a much better
ending for them.

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      Look at our society now, the concept of a
free and happy almost never survives through the childhood of most of the
children. This makes me reconsider about what actually does this society really
mean about children care and happiness. This concept of having a free life
almost never exist, everybody is just
living under a humongous cage of the pressure
of life and the great burden of money. In my opinion, the working class in our
society can be having a less happy life than a cave man. The working class was
mostly from working-class families, when they are small, the parents put a lot of
weight on them wishing them to have a great future and a great life when they
are grownups, but what they get can be the completely opposite, they are slowly
turning their child in to an emotionless working machine just like them.

      Let’s consider again, why the rate of
teenage suicide is tremendously high right now, students cannot take down the
weight of such pressure. Also, there are many cases of the child killing their
parents. Let’s take a great step backwards, when we are appealing to the world
of caring about the mental issues and sicknesses, are we really caring about
that, are we really caring about the ones that we need to care about, you can
give passion to someone you don’t even know but why you are not even caring about
your family and slowly letting them rot from the inside out.

      In the end, what I have to say is that,
treat your self better, care more about
your families, don’t wait until your precious hits the breaking point that you
finally starts to notice, this will be too late. Don’t let your family members
suffer, let them take a rest, don’t let them fell that living in this world is just to suffer from pain.