Dear history, politics, economics, art, and literature in other

Dear Ms. Parker


Religions is a valuable thing to learn throughout a student’s high school
experience. Religion is a major source of inspiration and meaning in human
culture. It informs students about history, politics, economics, art, and
literature in other religions. Religious studies is an expanded and multi-faced
discipline focusing on the study of specific traditions and the general nature
of religion. It is impossible to be a well-informed student of the Humanities
or Social Sciences without being enrolled in a World Religions course in high
school. Courses in World Religion provide excellent preparation for living a
healthy spiritual life. Majoring in World Religions can lead to excellent
careers in such as law, teaching, counseling,
business, journalism, politics, writing, medicine, and an arts program. Notre Dame C.S.S. encourages students to become
greatly informed and independent thinkers prepared to learn and engage in
scholarly research programs. Now I’m going to give you a brief example of what
students learn in a World Religions course. Students learn about Buddhism, Hinduism,
Sikhism, and Native Spirituality. Let’s start off with Buddhism.

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Buddhism is a religion and dharma
that covers a variety of custom, opinion and spiritual practices largely based
on original teaching attributed to the Buddha and resulting understood
attitudes. A Buddhist monk believes that they should live my right
understanding, right association, right speech, right livelihood, right action,
and right mindfulness.


Now let’s move on to Hinduism, Hinduism
is unique compared to other faiths for a varied number of reasons… Hinduism
does not have one father or core doctrine that can be referenced. The religion
is an assembly of religious, moral and cultural ideas and practices that
originated in the country of India. Hindu’s believe that Truth is eternal.
Hindus pursue knowledge and understanding of the Truth. Brahman is the one true
god who is changeless, unstoppable, and eternal. They believe that everyone
should strive to achieve their goals and responsibilities.


Next on the list is Sikhism. Well, you
may ask why so many Sikh’s live in Brampton. Brampton has a affordable living,
job availability, and many other Sikh’s already speak the language. Sikh’s have
special meaning behind their names. Inder means love, Preet is god, Deep is the
lamp of light, Meet means a friend, and Veer is a brother. The Sikh code of
behavior is that they shall meditate, have a honest living, share with others,
worship the lord of eternity, have a concern for others, and maintain good
moral behavior. They believe in serva which is selfless service. You might see
a fellow Sikh walking around with a knife on his waist. Don’t be scared, the
knife is called a Kirpan. It is a symbol of dignity and represents the Sikh
struggle against injustice and evil. The Kirpan will never be used to harm
someone on any way. Many Sikh’s also wear turban’s. It represents royalty and
dignity towards the Sikhism religion. Sikh’s long uncut hair is a symbol of
spirituality that reminds them to be good and pure like their God.


Lastly, we have Native Spirituality.
Native American religions are the spiritual practices of the indigenous peoples
of the Americas.  Traditional Native
American ceremonial ways can vary widely, and are based on the differing
histories and beliefs of individual tribes, clans and bands. An Aboriginal
person’s soul or spirit is believed to “continue on after our physical form has
passed through death”, explains Eddie Kneebone. After the death of an
Aboriginal person their spirit returns to the Dreamtime from where it will
return through birth as a human, an animal, a plant or a rock.


Those are only a few reasons on why
World Religions is a beautiful course to study. The beliefs in multiple
religions all tie up together and make us the special human beings that we are today.
It also helps improve and to become the best to our ability.






Mr. Awan