ddHonorable said that the refugee crisis was only a

ddHonorable Chairs, fellow delegates and members of the United Nations, as most people already know, the current Syrian refugee problems have come to the forefront of global issues. The world needs to come together and act as a united front but instead it has become more divided. For instance, German firstly accepted to accommodate Eight hundred thousand refugees. But the German government shifted their position in one day because hundreds of thousands of refugees came to Germany’s boarders. Although, the countries involved had agreed to a policy for accepting refugees, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland instead decided to reject the refugees. The Hungary government said that the refugee crisis was only a German issue, not a European problem. Besides, the British Government said that they will refuse to agree to the Refugee Reception and Placement Program.Paul Samuelson, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Science, once said that Sweden is the ideal country and that other nations should aim to imitate them. For that reason Sweden has inspired respect for several years for such a great economy. Many other people chose to immigrate to Sweden as soon as they could. Sweden accommodated about one-hundred sixteen thousand refugees and that number made up about 2% of the entire population living in Sweden. However, after accommodating such an amount of refugees, Sweden has had an increase in crimes most of which were committed by people who sought refuge from Syria. According to Daily Mail of UK, Sweden is one of the lowest crime rate countries in Europe, but the influx of refugees who committed violent crimes have risen not only in Sweden, but in many other European countries. One 22-year-old woman who worked in refugee camp was killed by a teenager who came to Sweden as an exile on January 25, 2016. Some other offenses concerning displaced people have increased 10 times more than in the past. For these reasons, Sweden is strongly opposed to the plan for accommodating or promoting integration of Syrian refugees in European countries. According to the British FT and Guardian, an executive committee began the disciplinary procedure for not fulfilling the quota of accepted refugees among the three countries Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Similarly, affiliated organizations would regulate sanctions against to the country where not having the plan for accommodating. However, banishing the displaced people who has not credential, and reinforcing the regulation of identifying refugees will make not only Sweden, but many other European Union much more safety place to the nations.Honorable Chairs, fellow delegates, and members of the United Nations,

The Delegate of China
strongly urges the Security Council to play a leading role in combating
terrorism, and restore peace in terrorized areas.

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Terrorism, a grave danger to international peace and national
security, is jeopardizing the lives of countless innocent people around the
world. Seeking to establish a ‘Sunni Caliphate’ in the Middle East, the IS has
massacred thousands, kidnapped women and murdered innocent children. The IS’s
propaganda campaign emphasizes their military successes and the necessity of
building their caliphate, to attract recruits and stimulate them to act
themselves. Among the vicious abuses of the group are forced recruitment of
young children, and sexual and physical crimes against women and children. In
response to these inhumane crimes, many countries have participated in air
strikes and contributed to curbing the financing of terrorism.

China supports these efforts at anti-terrorism, and calls upon the
international society to take all necessary measures to prevent terrorism.

The nation of China itself has been threatened by the Islamic state
pledging to attack the country and ‘shed blood like rivers’. Uighur militants
from Xinjiang were found training with ISIS to gain guerrilla skills to carry
out terror attacks in China, posing a serious security risk to the country. Due
to the long-held noninterventionist foreign policy, the delegation is reluctant
to become involved in military actions. Though not willing to carry out
military strikes against the ISIS, China has been playing its role in fighting
terrorism in its own ways. The country has passed a counterterrorism law that
allows military overseas anti-terrorism operations. It has urged Central Asian
countries to fight against religious extremism and cyber terrorism.

China looks to the United Nations as the leader of
anti-terrorism efforts. The delegation stands that the international community
should consider the political, economic and ideological aspects of
anti-terrorism mechanisms. China urges countries to curb the attempts of
terrorist recruits and financing through social media or other means, and
eliminate the root causes of terrorism