????: day when they look back and find how

????: Motivation letter

Degree: Master

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Major: Mechanical Engineering

University: Houston, USA

Author: Roi Frid, Russia


Dear sir /Madam,

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Roi Frid and
recently I have been working in a British Executive Search firm as a Technical
Consultant. I have attended my B.Sc and M.S. degrees in petroleum Engineering
from Iran and Russia.

The undergraduate curriculum in Petroleum
Engineering at university, introduces me to a wide variety of Mechanical engineering
subjects like, Thermodynamics; Static and Strength of Materials; Heat Transfer;
Energy and material Balance, Fluids Mechanics; and Two Phases Fluid Mechanics.
It provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical concept of Mechanical Science
and Engineering. Furthermore, my current job gives a tremendous opportunity to
contact directly with virous kind of Mechanical Engineering with different
experience, for example, Rotating and Static equipment, Design, Commissioning,
Maintenance, Operations etc, and I understood how Mechanical Engineering
scientist is wide and practical in any kind of industries.

All the above factors give me a big
desire to attend a Master of Mechanical Engineering in order to understand Mechanical
Engineering Concepts, because every industry needs the concept of Mechanical
Engineering. A friend of mine who studied in Houston university highly
recommended me that I have to study in Houston University, because of High
quality education standards and good reputation in Engineering. It is one of
key factors which have motivated me to choose for my M.Sc. studies the Houston
University. Moreover, I feel I am responsible for making a big move in this
field and this will give me a big opportunity to be one day someone who is
remembered for his innovations.

I believe that it is our responsibility
as human being sharing life in this world to make our future better because the
future is not only ours. Our children and grandchildren should be proud of us
one day when they look back and find how we were had working to make the world
a better place. I believe my qualification and skills would be a good fit with
your needs. I will be thrilled to provide any further information or documents
if required. Look forward to hearing your positive response. Thank you for your
time and consideration.

Yours faithfully.