Currency: of the overall article may appear aggressive to

The article was written in April 2015 when China had declared the establishment
of AIIB and was in preparation period for the creation in 2016. The article
chiefly discusses US’s objection and non-participation to the establishment of
AIIB. Until now, US and Japan have not joined the bank, and their perspective
towards AIIB also have not changed.


Relevance: This article politically
discusses the establishment of AIIB. Therefore, the paper may be a good
reference source to consider the political competition between China and US
(with Japan) for local hegemony. As well, it provides background information
about the establishment of AIIB (in more political aspect).

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Authority: The author of this article,
Martin Edward is the associate professor of diplomacy and international
relations at Seton Hall University. (Edwards 2018) With the support of the
National Science Foundation, he has been continuing the research in the
surveillance role of international economic organizations. The paper is
published on both Gale Opposing
Viewpoints in Context (Database) and
The Conversation website.


Accuracy: Most of the information comes
from his observation and research about international relations. As mentioned,
this article was originally published in The
Conversation website, meaning it has been reviewed by many people (Also,
one needs to remember The Conversation website
usually uses content from research and academic communities). The tone of the
overall article may appear aggressive to US government and Congress. As well,
the author supports the idea that the US should accept the growth of China and
recognize China as the global economic partner (the overall concept of
interdependence), which many supporters of realism may oppose.


The purpose of this article is
to persuade US government to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and to
cooperate with China (Gale Opposing Viewpoints in context website
makes it clear he is asserting that US failed to decrease the impact of AIIB).
Therefore, the information is the opinion built upon the facts. It may appear as
it posses political bias (liberalism and interdependence); however, my essay
should evaluate various perspectives towards AIIB and ADB.