Curiosity different practical problems. I have acquired skills in

Curiosity and Dedication are the keys to excel in any field. Mathematics and Physics were always my favorite subjects from the day I felt the sense of learning at school. I was very curious to learn about the laws of nature and kept asking questions about it at a very early age. I always feel the sense of life within me when I ask questions. This curiosity in me helped me to understand the concepts in Physics and Mathematics. I enjoy solving mathematical problems which have practical applications.With such immense interest in Mathematics and Physics, I was clear in mind to choose those subjects along with Chemistry as course subjects in my high school. I was intrigued by the concepts on which electronic devices are developed. Computers being the best possible result of Electronics gained my attention then. I had studied with dedication and perseverance to build my basics which laid the foundation for my future decisions and achievements. I had secured a score of 89.8% in my high school.I had chosen Electronics and Communication as my stream of Engineering in CVR College of Engineering. I enjoyed learning the concepts in the subjects like Electronic devices and Circuits, Embedded systems, Computer Organisation and Architecture, Computer Networks and others. In my freshman year, I was intrigued by how a software program can be used to solve different practical problems. I have acquired skills in C and java during my graduation.Along the course of my graduation. I’ve realized how recent technologies have been developed by merging the electronics world and automating it using computer science techniques and since I already have the basics of Electronics, I would now to like enhance my knowledge in the Computer Science field and that is why I want to pursue this particular course in your esteemed university.Edsger Dijkstra said, “Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.” That is true because in today’s information age, having the thorough knowledge of electronics and communication together with computer science is of great advantage. Say, it is not the case that computer scientists program and electronic engineers design, but rather that both hardware and software must be mutually designed if they were to produce an efficient and useful system. Electronic and Communication Engineering provides the designs and working of various electronic gadgets using microcontrollers, microprocessors and integrated circuits, while the study of Computer Science gives both the theoretical and practical abilities to reason about and develop solutions to a problem by providing various algorithms for problem-solving. Having an in-depth knowledge of Computer Science will allow me to take an idea from a concept all the way through a concrete implementation balancing various requirement as I can manage the hardware components as well.I wanted to learn more about computer science and engineering after dealing with subjects C and Java during my graduation. I did an internship in Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) after completing my 6th Semester. There I along with my team-mates designed and built a device called Intruder Detector and Pointer which can be used as a surveillance robot in war zones. Later I also did an academic project named Parking Slot Indicator. Both these projects were developed on Arduino Development board using Embedded -C language. I realized that I completed those projects only because I had the basic knowledge of C. Apart from these, I also did a project to reduce the time required to multiply two large numbers on Cadence. All these projects helped me in improving my logical thinking and problem-solving skills that are very important in today’s world. Also, I’ve kept myself updated about current technologies by going through various magazines and papers so that I will able to cope up with my course of further studies. I attended campus recruitment training conducted at our college during last summer, to brush up my skills and to have a summary of what I’ve learned so far. This helped to sharpen my skills in C language and Java. As a part of Campus Recruitment Drives conducted at our college, I was placed in Birlasoft, a global IT company. I attended classes on Database Management Systems(DBMS) and java after completing my college. I attended an interview at Amazon and I got selected and was given a Quality Specialist role. I joined Amazon in November 2017. My knowledge in DBMS was appreciated by my manager and had given me a team leader role after 2 months. I would now like to express my gratitude towards you for allowing me this opportunity to express myself through this statement. I know that my journey at this university will be very intriguing and I could open up to many exciting and innovative things when I get into this program. I also promise to be very hard working, putting in all my efforts to get the best what you are to offer to me as a graduate student. Even though my profile has some flaws, I hope that they are degraded by my other achievements and will provide me with an admission to your esteemed university.My career objective has always been crystal clear in my mind, which is, to do something in my life that will make me significantly recognizable of my achievements.I am confident of making my own humble contribution in enhancing the image and reputation of your esteemed university in the years to come. Financial assistance from your university will give me a tremendous morale boost in this long pursuit to achieve excellence. Attending your prestigious institution would give me an opportunity to receive high-level education under the guidance of prominent professors and excellent teachers. I would regard my admission to ** not only as a great honor but also as a great responsibility and challenge to prove myself. I eagerly look forward to being a part of your academic community.