Culture, people in times of worries, Rucker says to

Culture, diversity, race, social class, personal identity, love and tolerance, life and death, freedom and independence all play different roles on the characters in the cold sassy tree. The People in this society knew everything about everyone (no privacy), which I found creepy. The women follow the fashion of wearing long dresses and hats, just like the roaring twenties, They also used slang when speaking to develop the characters. Culture aspects from Georgia’s former times such as the fashion were used in the story. Racism as a theme was not explored. Social class was expressed as “White trash” and in different ways, they were treated badly compared to the colored individuals.  In Cold Sassy Tree, Ann Burns offers the intention that love itself is not only a connection between two human beings but a connection that controls a person’s emotions and results in an individual performing selfless acts for another. Ann Burns fought cancer for 15 years (Kim Purcell, “Olive Ann Burns (1924-1990)”) Burns used Ann’s experience of being the daughter of a financially ruined farmer to help develop her character’s perspective and social values (Olive Ann Burns Biography). He also examined people to apprehend their expression and develop the characters with exclusive patterns in their speech. The one thing I found surprising was when Rucker and Miss Love fell in love, Camp Williams committed suicide, which revealed a catastrophic period in Cold Sassy. Another surprising fact about this story was when Hosie Roach, Will’s worst enemy was hired by Rucker to work at the store in Camp’s place and in relation to his new job he gets a new type of income, in that case, Hosie can get married to Will’s dearest messenger. Later on, thieves rob and beat up Rucker, after he recovers from his injuries, he gets diagnosed with lung inflammation (pneumonia). God supplies strength and consolation to the faithful people in times of worries, Rucker says to Miss Love. Rucker died before Miss Love could tell him that she was pregnant, but she told Will. This information about having faith in God gave Will the motivation to survive. Miss Love plans to stay in cold sassy knowing that the town and even the Will’s family didn’t accept her but they’ll accept the baby. The key concepts that shape the course of this plot is the stories enclosed in the story, the antagonism with Hosie Roach, Loma’s destruction of the toy soldiers and Will’s pranks, Tweedy’s ill management of the tenant farmers, and also the school punishment that backfired are the typical events and communications that could happen in a small environment where individuals originate their own entertainments and tempers eventually flare up. Whenever in need, the community protects one another as badly as they condemn each other when things are going smoothly. While ignoring the town and the Blakeslee family, Rucker and his new wife Miss Love make an effort to live happily. Growing up and maintaining his integrity was one thing Will had problems with. Though God will not change the fate of people, Rucker believed that he could Because Jesus said ask and you shall receive. The author Burns illustrates death as both a foundation for a new lifestyle and also a sad devastatingly sad event. I get the perception that there might be exclusively one tolerable way to live in Cold Sassy. If someone makes a simple mistake they are judged and gossiped about and, if they end up not having leverage, they would be ignored or snubbed. An example of this situation would be Will’s mom and aunt who are continuously bothered by what everyone will presume. Afterward, Grandpa Blakeslee and Miss Love get married, everyone avoids her, they think she is selfish and all because of his house. Grandpa Blakeslee’s has two daughters who hate her most of all because they feel she is humiliating their family and taking their patrimony. Although it seems everyone hates her, there are a few who likes her and Will is one of them. Throughout this story, the audience can see how Will manages the persistent tension and pressure within his family. He also deals with other problem of the process of growing up. Adding to all the matter are those seen in the United States during this time period, such as new invention, electricity, telephones, and automobiles are all playing an important role in this small town. Problems that had to do with race, East, and West, rich and poor, different race, religion, ethnicity, social class are all important considerations Will encounters as his developing role in life.