Crosswords for you to fill up the blank places



The person to create first known crossword puzzle for the
eight-page comics section of the New York World was Arthur Wynne. It was not
until 1913 that crossword puzzles were first introduced and since then they are
a source of both a popular pastime, mental training aid, and a domain of study.

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Introducing crosswords, there are a number of small squares
making a bigger one altogether. Some of them are empty boxes with specific
numbers in them while others are black. The aim is to fill up those empty boxes
with the correct words. You will also find some clues in the ‘Across’ and ‘Down’
sections that can be found somewhere around the puzzle. You have to understand
the statements and fill up the down (vertical) empty squares and across (horizontal)
empty squares.

In the beginning while starting the game, it might be hard
for you to fill up the blank places in the crossword puzzle. So, initially you
will be needing some help related to clues. Don’t worry there is an easy
solution to this problem as you can simply go to our website and find all the
answers to any crossword clue!

Crossword puzzles may actually be beneficial to your, physical,
mental, emotional, and social health and are not just an airplane boredom

Some of
the benefits:


There are much deeper effects of crossword puzzles on our
brain functionality than we generally think of.

Researchers found that there will be lesser buildup of
beta-amyloid in the brain, the more often someone gets engaged in mentally
stimulating activities such as crosswords. Hence, crossword puzzles may help to
ward off Alzheimer’s disease. (Study at UC – Berkeley)


It’s not just about killing time in a dull moment. The
amount crossword puzzles contribute to our sense of happiness go far beyond.

Crossword puzzles help us leave little opportunity to focus
on our everyday worries and help relieve stress by engaging our minds deeply. They
do so in a low-stakes, lighthearted way, making it the perfect escape when our
brain needs a bit of a vacation. Moreover, it boosts our confidence and gives a
sense of self-esteem and accomplishment when one completes difficult crossword


Word search puzzles activate the logical and reasoning power
at large whilst the players dive in the exciting world of words and grammar The
problem-solving skills escalate a notch higher by regular stimulation of the
thinking process which is beneficial in the mind’s overall growth.

-Enhances vocabulary

It’s a game of words and you get to explore and find new
words every day. So, wouldn’t it improve your vocabulary and take your
communicative skills a level up?

There are a lot of newspapers that offer daily crosswords. They
usually get harder day by day so it’s pretty easy to get stuck on any clue,
However as I mentioned earlier our website contains a plethora of answers to
all the clues.

Giving you a similar example, have you seen the movie The
Imitation Game, based on Alan Turing? If you have, I am sure you noticed how at
one-point Turing, when he needed to hire people to work under him, used a
difficult crossword puzzle in a newspaper to test potential applicants. This is
somewhat a more practical example. So, why not reap the benefits while having
fun and give it a chance? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?