Creative Writing: Short Story

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Creative Writing: Short Story

Julie comes from a rough background, when she was seven years old her mother  and her father were murdered by her uncle Tom. Tom did not have a good relationship with  Julie’s dad. The two of them were gambling and they made a bet on the L. A. Clip peers game. Julies dad won the bet and uncle Tom did not want to pay up. The two Of the m got physical and Uncle Tom grabbed his gun out of his back pocket. Julies mom try died to stop him and stepped in front of her husband, that is when uncle Tom fired the SSH to and killed Julies mother.

Out of anger Julies dad rushed towards uncle Tom trying to take e the fun away from him and he fired twice and there right in front of Julie her uncle kill De both her mother and her father. After the incident Julies her aunt sue took care of her I eke she was her own daughter. Aunt Sue did not have any children and she was very lucky to have Julie. Aunt Sue started to get older and older. Years later the doctors diagnosed her with cancer Julie started to notice that aunt Sue did not look like herself, she had lost a lot of weight, her face started to SSL ink in and she id not have any hair.

Three months later Aunt Sue passed away and Julie WA s only thirteen years old. Aunt Sue knew she was dying so she left Julie in the hands of her bestrides that lived in California. Mary was one of Aunt Sue closest friends. T hey would go and visit each other at least four times a year. Julie was heart broken about her Aunt dying, but once she got California she loved it. She made so many friends in SC wool and Mary had a huge house with a pretty big swimming pool in the back yard. This is the house Julie always wanted to live in, she would dream about it at in HTH .

Julie was 6’2 and Mary knew she had potential to be a model or anything in the at nature, so Mary took her to modeling agencies, she was turned down multiple times, but Mary knew that she was going to be something Mary would always say to herself ‘There’s something about her, those beautiful blue eyes and perfect dimples”. Every guy at Gales burg High wanted to Date Julie. Julie was the new girl so she was the talk of the School. A couple of months later a modeling agency called Mary and told her that they were inter Estes in Julie.

Forever 21 wanted Julie to model for them. Julie could not believe it, because f revolver 21 was her favorite store. This was only the beginning to her career. Little did she know, she had a lot g owing for herself. After Mary got the call from Forever 21 so many businesses were c ailing her after that. Everyday she would calls from different agencies. Everyone wanted her to model for them. Ten years later Mary passed away and Julie was heartbroken, she f let like everyone that meant something to her and every person that was important t o her left her.

Julie did not eat for days, she missed photo shoots, missed appearances. She did not want o do anything. She’s spent her whole life losing the people meant the world t o her Two years later Julie fell in love with the love of her life. Julie was so afraid of losing Matt like she lost all of her other loved ones Matt was also a male model and the two of them were perfect for each other. Julie and Matt moved to New York a ND started a family. The two Of them had a set Of twins. Two little boys and Julie was so ha app and content with her life.

Finally things were going good for her . Once the children turned 5 years old. It was time for them to go to school, but Julie was so protective she id not want her boys out of her sight so she got them home schooled . She taught the boys on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and Matt was the teacher on Thursdays and Fridays When the two of them had to go on the road or go to photo shoots they would bring the Eire children along with them Three years later Matt and Julie had a baby girl .

She was so beautiful and once again Julie fell in love with her little baby girl Julie was no longer a model, because being a model and being a mom was way too hard for her . She had too much on her schedule. With her and Mat’s income from the past years the two of them were pretty lethal. Julie stayed home and took care of the Children while Matt traveled across the woo rid modeling for different agencies. As the years went on, Julie did not enjoy being a stay at home mom like she did d before.

The kids started to get older and they would leave the house and Julie would just clean the house Things were not going to well with her husband Matt, she believed he was cheating on her with his assistant. The two of them were together all of the it me and not only just for work, but they would go out for dinner and discuss “business” Julia e knew something else was going on there Matt got to the point where he would come home at 3 a. M. In the morning and there were some nights where he did not come in at all.

One year later Julie and Matt got a divorce, Julie never thought she would ever be heart broken again, but she was completely wrong She thought that Matt was the milk to her cookie, the banqueter to her jelly. They had a horrible divorce they boy s wanted to go with Matt and so did her little girl, but when they went to court Julie got full custody of the children and she would let them go to their father’s house every weekend.


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