Corruption, lack of laws and create a new world

Corruption, nowadays, is getting wider and more common
in a great number of both developed and developing countries. Starting from
small companies, corruption has spread to big enterprises and even more to
governments and public services. This has led to so much cruelty and illegal
acts worldwide over the past few years.

    The vast
majority of people that are aware of the secret and illegal actions that are
taking place, do not speak up and just continue living their lives covering
secrets that could affect the public concern. However, once in a while there is
a person that does not have the desire of accepting the concealment of
information. Therefore, they decide to leak that private or sensitive
information, so that everyone can know about it.

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whistleblowers- as they are called- are taking 
many risks in order to make that information public. From their job loss
to life threats, they have to face every consequence that is decided for them.
This is the reason why everybody else does not want to be included in leaking
that kind of documents or even confess that had any interference with the
whistleblower themselves.

    As above
mentioned, there are not specific international or European laws that protect
whistleblowers and prevent grim outcomes. Hence, there should somehow the
international community process the problems occurring day by day by this lack
of laws and create a new world with a strengthened protection system where
people that do things in favour of the public interest should be appraised and
be set as an example for every individual and not be understated. People need
to know the definition of a whistleblower and which public, political and
economical fields it affects. Moreover, states should not attempt to silence
critical voices as much as they should persistently reject any form of online
control that limits freedom of expression and information about revelations of
violations of human rights. Last but not least, all signatory countries of the
UN Convention against Corruption should seek to implement the content of said
convention into their domestic legal systems.  If not, in some decades the world  is going to be enslaved by crime.