Contemplate viewed conformity. More fully described as behaving in

Contemplate for a second the presiding individuality that at least 80%, of the people arguing this topic claim to share. You caught it right? There’s an innate issue with that statement. The ones who are defending conformity are in actuality individualizing themselves, whereas the ones fighting for individuality are (perhaps inadvertently) conforming to social norms. When asked about which side someone lies on this spectrum, many would immediately respond with individually as in freedom. The other side lies the more negatively viewed conformity. More fully described as behaving in accordance to social conventions, rules, laws, or standards. But the real truth is we all are in the mixed of using both aspects, like a double edged sword. I can simply state that in any system of law, not everyone’s ever satisfied with the rules and regulations. For their to be a functioning society certain individuals rights have to be or must be sacrificed, for the greater good of the majority, community, or over all outcome. For those who don’t adhere to the rules they are labeled as criminals, or bad and consequently punished to prevent them from doing whatever they did again. Great nations have fallen due to the smallest tinge of anarchy, and which in part led to pure chaos. So individuality at its purest is dangerous. Philosopher Epicurus would agree with me. For he believed “Pleasure” was the greatest good. He stated that ” the pleasurable results of an action must always be out weighed against its possible side effects.”  So basically taking value over the long-term aspects of things versus the short-term. Restricted individuality is then a necessity because it conciliates the majority while maintaining social order for the long run sustainability of civilization .  So conformity then is a required ingredient for a social system to work. But the same same can’t be said for individuality, I believe its only role is to insure that a more lessly fair system is in power otherwise, revolutions overthrow them. But the idea of conformity, breeds assumptions that freedom is an unalienable right. But in contradiction it is. Just as the American founding fathers wrote that liberty is an inalienable right, they completely understand that unchecked freedom to do whatever you what, wasn’t true freedom. For if it went unchecked, people would be in harm’s way. In resolution, where individuality fall short as in breeds chaos, conformity keeps it everything manageable, and to its best degree safe.