Considering large supply of sea food. The Delicate Crepe-

the geographical influences, France can be divided into 11 regions based on
their contribution to French Cuisine (The Cuisine of France, 2017).

BRETAGNE (Brittany): The concept of food and cooking in this
region is quite simple. Blessed with a very large supply of sea food. The
Delicate Crepe- French Pancakes belong to this region.

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NORMANDIE – The famous Camembert cheese comes from this region
along with high quality of milk, meat, cream and butter. Cider- the most
favourite accompaniment to Noman meals is made out of the locally produced
abundant apples.

CHAMPAGNE – Champagne- The world famous sparkling wine is a
gift from this region to the world.

TOURAINE – is often called ‘the garden of France’. As the name
suggests this region is blessed with a beautiful collection of fruits and

DE FRANCE – This region is
basically called the land where Le Grande Cuisine was born because of the
fertile land. Also, recognition of food as a art form is because of this region

AND LORRAINE –Alsace as a region reflects
an influence of the Germans in their cooking as it has often come under German
domination, wherein Lorraine in its food is more of French in character. Thus,
bringing in variety in the kitchen of this region.

BOURGOGNE (Burgundy) famously known for its world famous wines.
These wines also play a dominant role in everyday Burgandian cooking. Dijon is quite
often regarded as the ‘mustard capital’ as it holds annual gastronomic fair drawing
gourmets from all over the world.

BORDEAUX  More famously known
for its wine. This region also has the area of Cognac  which is regarded as the brandy capital. One of
the mot extravagant dish of the French food- Pate de Foie gras is composed of the
truffles that come from this area.

 FRANCHE – COMTE Surrounded by provinces of Savoie and Dauphine is
mostly mountain country and the food is as robust as the climate. Bresse Chicken-
The national cuisine is a delicacy that originated from this region The French
version of Swiss Gruyere the Comte
comes from this region.

Rome, Languedoc shows hint of Roman influence in the cuisine. Lying west are the
regions of Foix and Roussillon which showcase a subtle influence of Spain in its
food particularly in the omelettes prepared with green peppers, ham and tomato