Considering actions not just by words, before we ask

the current environmental condition of our MUST campus, what changes would you
like to see? Provide some strategies that would make it a more sustainable

Considering our present
condition of (MUST) the changes we want to see in near future, which make
campus sustainable are

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plantation should be done, at least along the boundary wall of the university,
grass should also grow. Trees are necessary for control in pollution, trees are
also source of fresh oxygen which is also important need for life. Trees have
also ability to control noise pollution. To protect environment should be
considered priority, because if we fail to protect environment from pollution
we will unable to provide our children a save future, clean air to take breath.

MANAGEMENT: Waste management is a serious issue now-a-day. With the
passage of time people’s daily needs are increasing. With these needs the
production of waste also increase, as a result where there the natural
resources are reducing at the same time the environment is also getting
polluter and polluter. The point is we should be aware now, these natural resources
won’t stay forever if we don’t stop using them blindly. We should stop using such
product in which cannot be dispose of after using such as carbon bags, a lot of
carbon bags thrown as it is after using. We (educated people) should be able
enough to educate others by our actions not just by words, before we ask others
to use bins we should start using by ourselves and to give message by our
actions to others, that’s the right place for waste not here there on the road
and streets. Secondly, we should use such products which are renewable, because
only in such a way we will be able to protect our environment and our people’s
health from diseases.

should be proper management of water use in campus, extra wastage of water
leads toward end of natural underground resources. University should take steps
to develop water reuse structure, according to reports by 2025 underground
water sources reduced to deadly level, so we don’t have to wait till 2025
university management should have to take steps now basically it is government
of Pakistan duty to educate the people about upcoming serious issue by arranging
seminars and workshops, as I said earlier we have to start it by ourselves, we
don’t have enough time to wait for others.

Parking is a serious issue in our campus, we should start thinking from now.
Because in couple of years there will be only cars and cars no place left for
students to stand. In my opinion university management should make parking
outside the university at least 500m away from university my doing that
university look neat and clean, peoples get fit when they walk daily, the
people within 500m range would prefer to go by foot rather than private vehicle,
people come outside the city will travel through public vehicle, in this way
vehicle using rate become very less, oil consumption also decrease as a result
Carbon dioxide emission also reduced, in this way we can control natural
resource resources using and also protect out atmosphere from gases which cause
different diseases.

ENERGY RESOUCES: Energy is a serious issue in under developing
countries throughout the world, we should pay our attention on producing energy
through clean renewable resources rather than producing on such resources which
pollute the environment such as coals. University have its own energy producing
sources rather than depending on government. There should be solar panel on
every building roof, each department should produce energy on its own because
we live in that region where we can utilize energy from sun, which is natural
and renewable source of energy.




What do you mean by
sustainability? What is your vision of a sustainable future?

Sustainability it the combination of two words ‘sustain’
and ‘ability’. It means ability to sustain or remain productive. If we consider
earth the sustainability it how long earth will be able to support life on it.
Sustainable future is possible with sustainable constructions and It is
basically combination of




Environment is the most important feature among these
because main purpose of sustainable construction is to protect environment from
damage. As early as we attain sustainability in construction the earth life to
support life on it increased.

 For sustainability
there are basically three features of sustainable construction, the
construction can be archived in that society which accept the features of
structure we cannot use a lot of sustainable feature in that society who cannot
understand its long-term benefits i.e. who is ignorant. A sustainable
construction reduce water waste up to 40%, waste solid up to 70%, energy use
age reduces up to 50% and carbon dioxide emission reduce up to 40%. A
sustainable structure should be in limited budget it is not possible to start a
project which is sustainable but not in budget a sustainable structure is one
which is also economical. A sustainable structure protect environment by using
carbon dioxide emission, reducing water use and reuse of water, reduce energy
use and use energy from clean renewable resources and controlling waste
generation by reducing the carbon usage to minimum level and using only those
products which can be recycled.

 Write an introductory statement about the
project UND GORECKI ALUMNI CENTRE. Moreover, list and explain at least 3
sustainable features that you found most impressive about the project.

UND Gorecki Alumni Centre is
university of North Dakota. In term of sustainability it is placed in platinum
category by LEEDS. It is sustainable in many aspects like


RECYCLING (aluminium,
glass, paper cardboard recycled)                     

(reduce building occupants to hazardous chemicals)

2 receptacles one for waste one for recycling)

UND Gorecki Alumni centre is using 41% less energy than any other building of
its size, it is supposed to be saving energy required for 42 homes or 7000
gallons of gas. The roof contains 3219 sq. ft solar panels that supposed to
save energy about 80000 kWh per year which is enough to run 7.3 American
average home to run annually. Energy gain through solar panels which is
renewable source of energy, white roof deflects heat and high efficiency HVAC
system also contribute to energy reduction. At night time since 2004
retrofitting lights used which reduce 2 megawatts per led or equal to 20000
100-watt bulb.

Gorecki Alumni centre is using 37% less water uses as compare with other
buildings of same size, using 48260 lesser gallons of portable water per year
than standard building. The storm water management system captures rain and
runoff in water feature basins surrounding by native vegetation, the system
contain filters and clean storm water before it seeps back into natural
environment, this water can be used to irrigate the low maintenance landscaping
when necessary.

INDOOR ENVIRONMENT QUALITY: Eye strain is restricted by controlling
glare and reducing overheating with manual roller shades. Construction air
pollution was reduced through aggressive controlling practices and dust
stabilization. The centre features high performance glass on its exterior
glass, allowing natural light to come in by reducing heat and glare. To ensure
good indoor air quality, only finish products with low or zero volatile organic
compound were used. Air system efficiency were improved by 15% and air turnover
rate by 7% through optimized mechanical and ventilations system.