Conclusion An Artist’s work is influenced by both positive


An Artist’s work is influenced by both positive and negative state of mind, whether consciously or unconsciously. Many artists throughout history have suffered and drawn influence from their disorders. Therefore, mood disorders such as depression and schizophrenia in prominent art figures would promote an art genre, but wouldn’t be the sole cause.

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Adopting a development approach to creativity and understanding the external and internal forces in creating change, either in art forms or other. Assuming someone’s’ development is everchanging and can change over time, becoming more complex over time.

Moreover, someone’s behaviour can be the result of interactions between intense internal and external variables that ultimately forces adaptive, novel and creative solutions to occur. Clearly, this intense interaction and the creative result certainly applied to Van Gogh and Munch.

Examining the relationship between an artist’s life and their mental status is an important realm in art and psychology.



Overall, I felt that at the end of this project, I was able to the answer my thesis question by using a range of source to find answer to whether mood disorders affected the rise of the post-impressionist movement.

I didn’t necessarily agree with all the ideologies of the artists included in my Extended Project, I tried to write this dissertation with limited bias. Reading various accounts of both artist’s personal history (which I chose not to include in my EPQ) to ground my understanding and retelling.

However, I did extract some reading when my thesis updated finding biographies I’d read irrelevant. Therefore, extracting that analysis from the literary review was annoying.

If I were to do this project again I would keep a more rigid schedule and commit completely to realistic personal deadlines.  I’d also concluded each component with its own evaluation/conclusion, answering the subtitles and thesis question overall with depth and thought, but this was limited to my word limit.

Also, as I was writing other topic questions interested me, but I choose a topic of interest that I’m happy to have studied and written about.

To conclude, I believe that the significance of my project, in a general sense, isn’t era-defining but is significant in a sense of personal achievement.