Computer of medicine in many vivid ways. There are

Computer applications had a
transformative impact on the process of medicine in many vivid ways. There are
large number of applications in medical that directly interacts with computer.
The use of computer technology favours in medical and health care in various
ways such as departmental uses, medical reports, scheduling and patient
communication, and diagnostics and hospitalization. Many current medical machineries
make use of computer technology. Doctors use computers to monitor the progress
of the patients and nurses use it to transfer information to other division and
to order medication and picture patients profile. Computers allows doctors and
patients to view visual data to check on blood pressure, heartbeat and
pregnancy. Computers provide doctors to have a full view on the patient profile
which develops them to handle a quality diagnostic. Computerized tomography,
magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, telemedicine, bioinformatics and human
genome project are the technology that plays an important role in health care.
Billings and scheduled essential visits are computerized now and it’s easier to
communicate and provide full information to patients through websites and
email.  However, there are few
disadvantages of computer application in medical and health care. It is
expensive, has risks of low-security and is highly dependent on technology. The
biggest drawback in medical industry adding computers to hospital is the cost. Developing
network to exchange medical history and hold track of billings is an extra
initial cost. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff must adapt quickly with the
new upgrades of technology as its constantly evolving. Medical files should be
kept private for ethical and legal reasons. Patient medical records should be
stored with high security measures to avoid network hacking from taking place. Because
of high dependency on technology, it is typical for computers to have technical
errors. Many departments are linked by common information. If one division is
down the others are affected also. Thus, can cause inconvenience and negative
effect on patients health condition. This issue can be dangerous in the Accident & Emergency Department.