Comparative co. wexford in 1950s were a young woman

Comparative essay: Brooklyn The theme of the text is essentially the fundamental message and backbone of the text . The text I have studied is “Brooklyn” by colm tóibín. The theme which stood out to me the most due to its dynamic principles and varying interaction levels was home. My understanding of home was changed throughout my interaction with the text and I learned several a lessons in this regard. In this essay I intended to discuss how the sense of home of one character.Brooklyn is a story that resonates with every irish person, also every irish person that has lost a family member in order to seek a better future in the land of free. on the other hand this movie gives a lot of american families the answer to the question of “where do we come from?”. The movie takes us back to co. wexford in 1950s were a young woman called Eilis was given the chance to move and lead her life in brooklyn where there was a much better chance of work. having to leave her mother back home in ireland, Eilis was completely torn apart by the decision of leaving or staying behind. Eilis decides to go abroad in hope of being able to persuade her dream of creating a career for herself in bookkeeping just like her sister.Despite her desire to resettle, Eilis’s relationship with “home” shifts and changes as she struggles to come to terms with the consequences of living in two places.  No one can blame Eilis for proceeding to move because the director chose to portray ireland in a very negative and tedious way where there is a distinct difference between the atmosphere and energy that we feel in new york, we don’t see the contrast straight away but in the peak of the movie it was very visible and cannot be denied by the audience sitting watching the movie . After all the movie is primarily visual medium, and has a more direct impact upon the viewer. the director’s use of camera, lighting and choice of music was a huge factor in making us believe that the quality of life has decreased back home in ireland.Eilis’s job back in Enniscorthy made her  develop a very low self esteem and affected her character deeply, she was a very shy person, she was very closed and her job did not approve her mental well being because her ill natured boss ms kelly becomes a source of humiliation and certainly didn’t approve of Eilis ability to do her job. The shadow of ms Kelly is reflected by Jim Farrell, in the ball room he glanced around the hall ignoring her. Eilis feels ashamed and proudly leaves with as much dignity as could, suggesting that her pride is irreversibly wounded. These experience suggests that Eilis must venture else where for solace and support. The decision of moving was ultimately made by her sister “rose” and her mother. Eilis wonders if she the right sister take the leap of faith as she thought that rose seemed the one to be ready for life. Eilis later arrives to the boarding house with the new mentality of “think like an american” and tries to settle in but she can’t. She was physically here in new york but her mind and soul where back home. It does get better but rose’s letter was definitely a turning point for eilis as she starts to weep again, her job is not going great either which is more of reason for eilis to be upset. “Home sicknesses is just like any sickness it will pass” a quote said by father flood. We get interdouced to these 4 notes which will have a huge significance on the movie. The 4 notes indicates the beginning of eilis journey into settling into New York as we start recognising the 4 notes more often. Later we start seeing the idea of de-emigrating and returning home after somewhat tasting the life in new york started to emerge in eilis’s head after an event with a huge magnitude happened back home.