Community by using entertainment because she would use mockery

Community performance refers to that of a specific community
made for that community. It can revolve around a specific age group e.g. teens
and children and then the issues involved in the performance can easily be
catered for them, including issues like: cyber bullying for teenagers so they
can be more aware of what could be going on around them and then immediately
act on the prevention of these issues happening again. This was one of Augusto
Boal’s theories, he was a practitioner who worked in community performance and
wanted the audience to prevent an issue through realism and shock on these
topics, whereas another community theatre practitioner, such as Joan Littlewood
worked around the mockery of these certain subjects so that the audience could
also go out to prevent what might happen next. She sometimes used the audience
to her advantage by adding a remote control to the issue at hand, the audience
could then pause, play, and rewind and fast forward to make sure the
protagonist was in a positive situation instead of being involved in a negative
one. However, for children their topics would have to be more innocent and
should always be about entertaining but, you could possibly educate them on
more implicit themes such as spelling and numeracy instead of subjecting them
to something inappropriate and something they wouldn’t understand yet, like a
pantomime for instance.

The performances purposing should always revolve around
educating, informing, entertaining, motivating and engaging your target
audience. Joan Littlewood used these to her advantage in a play about the war,
for example she used educating and informing by making it work with the topic
of the war, by doing this the audience would know how horrible war really was
by using entertainment because she would use mockery to make fun of these
serious topics, this would also engage the audience because of the way she
would showcase the mockery of war by making this amusing for them.

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In my area, the main age group focused on are children
because in the Pomegranate theatre close to me they are soon showing the
pantomime that they do each year, this year it is Peter Pan. This fairy tale
explores themes like staying with your parents all the time and always tell
them where you are going to be at all times, you should always stay safe when
you are child and never go with strangers. It explores this in a very
adventurous style using a child’s imagination when they go to a different world
with Peter Pan.

The main themes of this type of performance are serious
topics that take place in the world today or in the past, mainly stories that
you may see in the news. Topics such as: underage sex, drugs, domestic abuse, terrorism,
paedophiles, online grooming, rape and things that may affect the audience to
change things about themselves to prevent these issues from ever happening
again from the actors on stage using techniques such as shock and fear and
maybe true stories from people that want to share their experience of one of
these topics to educate the audience that these things happen more than people
think and it could happen to them. If these themes were shown to a teenage
audience, it might make them more aware of the consequences of their actions or
make them think about others around them more.

In my area, there is also a group called Bolsover Drama
Group who are currently showing a play called Sister Act, this is a musical
based around the church and the ambitions of the nuns who work in the church to
perform in a convent choir but then end up getting famous. This musical
explores religion in a very different way because one of the sisters is in
trouble so they protect her from her mobster boyfriend under the wings of
religion. This sets a very ironic view of religion as it makes a mockery of it,
maybe like something Joan Littlewood would do. This goes to contrast the
performance of Peter Pan at the Pomegranate because the Sister Act is based
more around religion and Peter Pan is about children so Sister Act would be for
an older audience even though it is a musical, some of the content is explicit
for example, one of the sisters being the girlfriend of a mobster. Some more
differences between these two performances consist of themes such as religion
and ambition for Sister Act and fantasy, growing up, a mother’s role because
Peter wants Wendy to become a mother to the lost boys as she can tell them
amazing stories.

performance venues can take place within the area around you, for example most
performances in my area take place in the Pomegranate, although some community
performance can take place in schools, as different groups come in to show a
piece of theatre as this happened in my school, there was a group called the
Young Shakespeare Company who came in to show a performance of Shakespeare’s
Macbeth during the time we were studying it in English. Another venue community
performance could take place in is the Winding Wheel, this venue near me shows
dance in most performances and musicals of any kind. They are currently showing
a performance called Flashdance which is a musical based around a girl who
likes dance and wants to pursue it as a career, meanwhile she falls in love and
decides to use this romance to her advantage in her career as an up and coming dancer.
This musical could link to the community theatre practitioner, Augusto Boal
because he took realism into play while performing unlike Joan Littlewood.

The needs of
the community would be met here because then the purpose of the theatre has
been met, like in Peter Pan the main purpose would be to entertain because it
is a pantomime for kids and would be made to make the children and some parents
laugh and have a good night/day at the theatre. The same can be said for Sister
Act although it is made for the older generation, it is still made to entertain
and the needs of the community would be met through this because it is very
controversial as it depicts the cultural difference between the nuns in the
church and the mobster’s girlfriend and the older generation sometimes like to
see something that is probably going to be offensive, something that they can
laugh at.