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Come to Hue dreaming, one can not afford to overlook the bakery on the alleys, where the most delicious cake here.     Hue is famous for its beautiful ancient, romantic with people who are dignified, forward-looking, friendly, with a lot of great food. The delicious dishes of Hue are taken everywhere so that those who do not have the opportunity to come here also have theedr enjoy. Hue’s cakes are popular among Hanoians, and it is one of the most popular snacks in the area.Delicious cake in Hue    Come to Hue you will enjoy a variety of different delicious cakes – specialties of Hue Vietnam such as lobster shrimp crackers, shrimp dumplings, little ram cake, buns, then cake, cake , cake filtered one of the famous dishes here … in addition to many other types of cake. To enjoy all the specialties in Hue, you may need to spend a few days. Hue people make these cakes are not saturated but to let you enjoy the special flavor of it. Eat bread that is crushed right on the cake. Taste strange from the ingredients are very familiar, the cake here is very easy to eat. I do not know since ever, these dishes have appeared in other provinces and is one of the favorite dishes.Delicious cake in Hue  The ingredients for making Hue dishes are prepared and done very carefully. As the powder to make dough, ramen, little ram … must be the flour made from white sticky rice, carefully selected then soaked enough water not to be sour and then drunk to make the cake just fragrant, plastic, sweet taste of sticky rice. Multiply the cake to make from fresh shrimp, thin crust new sweet meat. And the process of making these cakes is not easy at all. Must be meticulous, meticulous and must be clever to give the cake good taste.  Hue cakes have long been included in the list of special dishes in Hue’s major hotels to cater to the needs of tourists. Picking up the hot cake, with a glass of sweet fish sauce, you will feel the taste of the powder, the aroma of shrimp and the pungent taste of chili; all mixed together to create a very characteristic of Hue. Hue desserts are also very delicious, and when brought out for enjoyment, they are displayed on beautiful plates and decorated very eye-catching, making users feel more delicious. Eating Hue cakes is a must to enjoy with eyes, by mouth, with new ears enjoy all the delicious artwork of Hue residents.