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College EssayWhat is a cube that has six, colors, and you can look at within three feet from you? Anyone who has known me for a long time would’ve said a Rubik’s cube, and that is right. As a matter of fact, I have solved a Rubik’s cube in under one minute; it was a goal I had when I was a kid. At first, I didn’t care about how fast I was going, or how long it would take me to solve it entirely. I simply have always loved creative inventions, but learning to solve a Rubik’s cube helped me realize that there were not only many new opportunities, but many different ways to solve problems.The first time I saw a Rubik’s cube was when I moved to America in the fifth grade. A friend of mine, who was in his junior year of high school, showed it to me and I was amazed at what it was. I was so excited that I ran over to the closest Walmart and bought a brand new cube that looked just like my friend’s. I was so intrigued that, when I went to the library later in the day, the librarian observed me toying with it and asked me if I wanted a Rubik’s cube book. It was a basic guide and had the methods to solve it. After reading it, I could solve it in under three minutes. Out of my desire to improve my solve time, I began looking at videos and wiki online to absorb the solutions in order to minimize the learning curve. These experiences taught me to seek out new opportunities and experience life to its fullest. Sometimes, the simplistic yet complex “toy” is somewhat like a stress toy. It provided me a way to rid myself of stress during complex reading assignments and history assignments. When I had a problem in life, I would yet again turn to the cube.There are many different ways to solve a Rubik’s cube, and they depend on your individual personal style, just like business. It is not the same every day, so you have to find different ways to solve the problems that arise. Thanks to my perspective of solving puzzles, I have learned to think creatively and find solutions faster as well as organize and manage my time in a more concise manner.When solving a Rubik’s cube, you start off by aligning 3-4 squares on one side. This provides the user with some background and perspective. There are many different types of perspectives which depend on how one approaches a problem.In life, like the alignment of certain key squares in one’s background and life experiences can be used as a guidance to a solution.    Ultimately,I have always loved creative inventions throughout my childhood. Learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube helped me realize that even when there aren’t many opportunities, there are many ways to solve problems that arise throughout life.