COFFEE root, okra seeds, fig, persimmon seed, pea, sweet

COFFEE SUBSTITUTE BY AKINBODE ALIMOT ODUNAYO, 203512Coffee substitute are substances that are obtained from substances other than coffee bean. These substances are used to emulate coffee whenever the qualities of coffee albeit from another source. Coffee itself is slightly acidic and has a stimulating effect on humans due to its stimulating effect. Coffee substitutes are used for various reasons which include:• Medical reason: this is one of the most important reasons why coffee substitute are used. One of the things that makes coffee unique is the presence of caffeine, many people are allergic to this substance are simply told to stay away from it for medical reasons.• Economic reasons: economic reasons like high price may necessitate the use of coffee substitutes.• Religious reasons: members of certain religious sects whose doctrine are against taking coffee (for example Mormons and seventh day Adventists church refrain from taking coffee) could find an alternative by seeking products that are non-coffee but with similar properties.• Unavailability of coffee may also necessitate the use of coffee substitute.Substances that have been used as coffee substitute include:Almond, Malted barley, beechnut, beetroots, carrot, dandelion root, okra seeds, fig, persimmon seed, pea, sweet potato and so on. In fact, European colonists adopted a “cassina”, a beverage that was native to ancient American as coffee substitute, this caffeine containing beverage was from roasted leaves and stems of Ilex vomitora. Also, some culinary traditions, like Korea, make use of roasted grain instead of coffee.REFERENCESSubstitutes for Coffee. The Southern Banner. Athens, Georgia. March 15, 1865. p. 1 col. 4 – via Confederate Coffee Substitutes: Articles from Civil War Newspapers.Edwards, Adam. (2002) “Variation of caffeine and related alkaloids in ilex vomitora Ait. (Yaupon holly): A model of intraspecific alkaloid variation”. Society for Economic Botany Julia F. Morton Award.