Cloud with simplified central administration. You get more control

Cloud has transformed business
and its network. It has changed the measures for employee productivity,
security threats and protecting IP as well as how businesses engage with
customers. Customer expectations from businesses has also changed. This has
been fueled by the rapid evolution of technology complemented by plummeting
cost of cloud technology and rapid evolution

In the last 40 years our
understanding of what is a critical network for business has changed from a
telephone network to SD-WAN. And expectations from a business network will
continue to evolve:

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With the digital transformation, accelerating cloud adoption,
proliferation of smart devices, and the increasing security threats the
traditional way of building a business network and connecting branch offices has
become increasingly irrelevant. MPLS is expensive, takes effort and time to configure
and deploy. Expensive limited bandwidth forces inefficient utilization of
modern cloud technologies or overprovisioning and inefficient usage of
bandwidth. SD-WAN solves this problem by enabling businesses to use the right
transport vehicle for the right application by understanding application level requirements
and mashing them with available data transport options like broadband or MPLS.


The routing protocols that enable movement of traffic across IP networks
unfortunately cannot ensure an application’s performance. Latency, packet loss
for example, impacts application performance. Coupled with application or
workload specific security requirement, regulatory requirement, and the
networks ability assess the risk at an application level and then provide the
right coverage.

SD-WAN provides the software abstraction to create a network overlay and
decouple network software services from the underlying hardware. It creates a
virtual overlay and secure IP-Sec VPN tunnel that is transport agnostic. It
abstracts underlying private or public WAN connections, like MPLS/Internet broadband/Fiber/Wireless
or LTE. Businesses can keep their existing WAN links, while overlay SD-WAN uses
the multiple tunnels to optimize bandwidth by directing WAN traffic along the
best route to and from branch offices and data center sites. Traffic routing
and path selection are not done at the IP layer, but by SD-WAN based on defined
policies. SD-WAN technology centralizes network control and enables agile,
real-time traffic management over these links.

Think about it, the digital transformation (Cloud services),
changing customer expectations (Social and mobile only), smart devices, BYOD and
digital first business models (Uber, Ola, Oyo Rooms) has brutally killed the
traditional mindset and will render traditional WAN obsolete.

Spectra gives you scalable & secure interconnectivity
with simplified central administration. You get more control and visibility of
your network environment. Key components of the Spectra solution are:

Router(MR): Spectra Managed Router, brings together a range of different
access technologies (MPLS, Internet Line etc.) as your WAN. By securely routing
application traffic along the best available path, networks can be tuned for
peak performance meeting business priorities with more efficiency and
cost-effectively. A Managed Router in addition, consolidates routers, firewalls
and other routing equipment into a single device.

Managed Security:  Spectra Managed Security is a solution which
combines the functionality of a Managed Router along with features of an
industry grade firewall solution. All features software driven and installed on
the same MR box. Basis business requirement Spectra can provide Next Generation
Firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Managed SD-WAN: Spectra SD-WAN is managed by a centralized
controller which is deployed at the Spectra Data center. The software enables
IT staff to remotely program edge devices and reduce provisioning times,
minimize or eliminate the need to manually configure traditional routers in
branch locations. Spectra SD-WAN solution can be deployed in Hub-Spoke, Mesh or
Full-Mesh architecture. As part of Managed SD-WAN Spectra provides the MR
equipment at Hub and branch locations for your business to handle multiple
transport links.

Digital India, Start-up India are initiatives pushed by the
government. In these times, your business does not have a choice, you must
transform digitally.  In the 1995 to 2016
period, there were only 153 Fortune 500 firms in 1995 that survived to be
included in the list in 2016. That 70% of companies in the fortune 500 list 20
years ago – gone. To secure, protect and grow your business, you must adopt
SD-WAN. There is no other choice to survive, compete and thrive.