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Chris HadfieldA Canadian Legend            Exploring space can be daunting because it is Infinite.  Astronauts spend their entire lives looking into the wonders of space. One of the well known canadian astronaut is Chris Hadfield, who was born on August 29 1959 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada  and grew up at a corn farm in southern Ontario. Chris Hadfield is known for being the first successful canadian astronaut of many different things. Chris Hadfield might have achieved many accomplishments but wouldn’t be able to do it without his    family.        Chris Hadfields family plays an important part in his life. He has 3 other members in his family, which are his dad, Rodger Hadfield, his mom, Eleanor Hadfield and his brother, Dave Hadfield. Ever since Chris Hadfield was young his dream was to become an astronaut and after all his hard work and studying, he had accomplished his dream . This might be surprising but did you know Chris Hadfield is afraid of heights even though he is an astronaut. Regardless of his fear of heights and with family support, he was able to accomplish great things in astronomy.         Chris hadfield has done many accomplishments that inspire many canadians. In 1992 he became the first canadian to become a space mission specialist, the first canadian to do a space walk, the first  canadian to command the .international space station and lastly, the first canadian to record a music video in space called “Space Oddity”. A space walk is when an astronaut gets out of their vehicle while they are in space, and an international space station is a huge spacecraft in orbit around the earth. On december 19 2012, Chris Hadfield blasted off into space. He spent a total of 146 days in space, and had done a total of 130 scientific experiments during the space mission. Even though Chris Hadfield had achieved many accomplishments but it wasn’t without obstacles and struggles.