China by the National Cancer Institute. The countries where

China and India is the native of the Green Tea and nowadays
it’s being consumed worldwide for various health benefits. It has been gained
more popularity recently in the U.S.A. Tea is the most drinking beverage after
water and 78 percent is black tea and 20 percent is green tea. Most of the
types of tea are from the Camellia sinensis bush. Its oxidation levels of the
leaves decide the different category of tea.


Some Proven Amazingly Super Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

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Among the beverages, green tea is the healthiest one, in the
world. It’s full of nutrients and antioxidants, which effects powerfully on the
human body. There are many kinds of health advantages of green tea, among them
some Proven Amazingly Super Benefits of Drinking Green Tea:



Green tea could be helpful to remove signs of aging and
wrinkles with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Moreover, it
has been proven that green tea can reduce sun damage to human and animal


Weight Loss

As green tea improves the metabolism, so foods are eaten by
digest well and keep our bowel clean. The polyphenol of green tea makes the
extra fat into calories and they cannot be stored in the body to make it extra
fat, as a result gradually the extra fats are burned and weight loss from our



Green tea contains an amino acid named Theanine that helps
us to stray tranquilizing and relaxed. It’s a great benefit for the drinkers of
green tea.


Blood Pressure

Green tea regulates our blood pressure and reduces the risk
of high blood pressure and other associated diseases including heart attack,
heart stroke etc.



The polyphenols that are available in the green tea have
been shown the property to reduce the growth of tumor in the laboratory in
animal studies, reported by the National Cancer Institute. The countries where
people drink green tea in the high amount they have lower rates of cancer
suffering than those who drink less green tea. But, it’s unknown that how green
tea prevents cancer to the specific people.


Tooth Decay

The studies have suggested that the antioxidant named
“catechin” of green tea is able to destroy virus and bacteria that cause dental
caries, throat infection and other dental problems.  



Green tea, in fact, helps control glucose levels slowing the
increase in blood sugar after taking the meal. This can avert high insulin
spines as well as resulting storage of fat.


Combats Allergies

The allergic condition could be getting rid of drinking
green tea. It has anti-allergenic compound named epigallocatechin gallate
(EGCG) that helps to relief from allergic conditions.


Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

It is considered to delay the worsening caused by Alzheimer’s
& Parkinson’s. Studies conceded on mice and showed that green tea secluded
cells of the brain from dying as well as restored spoiled brain cells.



Green tea decreases bad cholesterol in our blood &
improves the proportion of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol. So, we can be
safe of various health issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases, and
many more.

So, these are 10 Proven Amazingly Super Benefits of Drinking
Green Tea among many other health benefits. This is why; we should make a habit
of drinking green tea instead of black or other common tea that we take