Chesapeake with the focal office in Baltimore, Maryland. CIC

IT Consultants (CIC)
1 Case Study


Stage 1

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Background and Organizational Analysis


Chesapeake IT Consulting (CIC)

Chesapeake IT Consultants (CIC) is
an administrations firm that gives ” proven IT and management
methodologies to achieve measurable outcomes for its clients.” CIC’s
customer base incorporates non-benefit and revenue driven organizations and in
addition government offices at all levels. The firm at present has 400
representatives and three areas, with the focal office in Baltimore, Maryland.
CIC is led by President and CEO Alvin Morrison and has a total annual gross
revenue of eighty million dollars. The firm is probably going to win two large
contracts soon, which will require the hiring of an extra seventy-five
employees so they complete the task with in the given time and in a proper way.
So that the company and customer does not face any type of problem.

Organizational Strategy:

“CIC’s business strategy is to
give extraordinary counseling and proposals to its clients by utilizing
profoundly talented experts and staying up-to-date of new business ideas and
innovation as well as growing new business ideas and best practices of its

CIC’s want to remain a leader in IT
for their present and future clients can be undermined by the appointment
system that is currently set up. Many individuals with high-level positions in
the firm are worried that the system as of now utilized isn’t sufficiently
proficient to meet the requests that will soon be on CIC. Executive of HR,
William Bradley, has expressed ”we remember we can meet the requirements of
the hiring staff and staffing demands with manual procedures. I’m also
interested that we should have a solution which is easy to use and meet our
requirements.” Another hiring system would streamline the procedure and keep
CIC on track to finish all tasks required by clients. For the usage of another system
to work there must be legitimate association and inspiration from the staff (The Strategic Planning Process, 1999).

Components of an Information System:

CEO – Alvin Morrison’s essential concern
with appointing the ideal individual be set in the position to help the firm
meet its present contracts and every single future one. A legitimate employing
system would guarantee that the most qualified and capable are expedited to
work for and represent the firm out in the field.

CFO-Marianne Cho’s essential concerns
as CFO are that whatever new innovation is embraced by the organization is
costly and long term. A system that takes into consideration both streamlined
procuring of the most qualified and in addition an approach to track their
abilities and accreditations is an unquestionable requirement.

CIO-The system needs to fit into
the business structure. There should be an approach to add this to the present
plan of action without making an interruption work force. CIC is growing
rapidly, so an item that is versatile and simple to utilize would be helpful.

Director of Human Resources -William
Bradley realizes that his selecting staff is pushed to the maximum with the
requirement for new workers and that the manual procedure utilized now is deficient.
A system that new but easy to use and streamline what is already in use will
make the job and task easier for the staff.

Manager of Recruiting – An innovation
to eliminate employing time is urgently required. Suzanne Rodriguez needs a system
that can shorten the hiring time by 15-20% and make it simpler for her group to
select at least 75 new workers required for the upcoming contracts.

Recruiters – The spotters have been
over entrusted with insufficient time to meet the thorough requests put on
them. They require a system that enables that to effortlessly speak with the
candidates and the undertaking administrator to experience continues and plan
meets in an opportune way.

Administrative Assistant – Ted
Anderson is excessively entrusted from the manual procuring process. His
activity is to be the agent for the chiefs to guarantee that once a candidate
has been chosen that all important printed material and managerial obligations
are finished on schedule for the new contract’s first day. An electronic system
would profit him by keeping all candidate data together and accelerate
preparing time.

Hiring Manager – A lack of IT based
employment makes an IT firm look out of date. The manual procedure of procuring
new representatives needs to end up digitalized to speed it up and make it
simpler to overcome. Having the capacity to electronically set up interviews
and in addition filter through candidates to stick point certain abilities is
an absolute necessity.


The contracting procedure at CIC is
presently done manually, for an IT firm this looks unprofessional. The
following are the procedures being used now, what the procedure could progress
and how it will improve the business.




Business Benefits
of Improved Process


By mail or
in person

processed and sent to correct project manager

Easier to
pass along the hiring chain and get the applicant to the right job

applications with open job requisitions

Each resume
is read over for the information then passed to the respective project
manager for consideration

categorized based on skills and certifications

The right
people are sent to do the right job


Each resume
is read over and determined if the applicant is a fit for the firm

processed and sent to correct project manager

Speeds up
the hiring process and gets more techs on site for contracts


Over the


everyone involved in the loop about the state of the process and upcoming



“The recruitment procedure is
a treasure trove of data that (when mined precisely) discloses important data
on regardless of whether an applicant will be the high performing
representative your association is searching for” (Cook, 2017).  A system used to encourage quicker hiring
should have the capacity to gather, store and process information while being
easy to use. The following are ten basic information/data things this procuring
data system must incorporate.

Data/Information Requirement

1.         Name
of Hiring Manager

2.         Name
of Applicant

3.         Contact

4.         Education

5.         Licensed

6.         Background

7.         Previous
Employer Information

8.         Position

9.         References

10.       Availability