Charlie ways, or live by the regular life Jonathan

Charlie ShoultzMrs. KnutsenNCEE 1123 January 2017 Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God By. Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards has raised many questions of the early protestants people because of his sermons because the way he would manipulate the young protestants who just immigrated so he manipulated the way god saw the people and wanted the people to live perfect lives of no sin,  living by the ten commandments, thought that god was the only person to decide whether you go to hell or heaven if you live by Jonathan’s ways, or live by the regular life Jonathan suggested that god was an evil and devious man who could kill you at any moment for disrespecting him and resenting the making of you.The work of Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God was written by Jonathan Edwards who was an early citizen of the American colonies growing up in Connecticut colony where he was being one of the young philosophers and a preacher of congregationalist protestant theology which if you aren’t an avid church goer then you wouldn’t understand the theology he preached, he preached that the congestion would be independent and runs its own affairs in the church. The connection between his theology and his story of Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God in which this book wanted to scare people away from sinning, he delivered the sermons in different parts the first would have been quoted from the Bible on which he states that God is always watching and every sin we commit he watches with disgust on the people. He says in his sermon that God can kill us all at any moment and we are on a slippery slope of living with god ready to kill us all at any moment.The second part of the three-part sermon was Jonathan speaking from his book Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God where he reads about the ten commandments and how the immigrants and colonist need to live by the ancient rules made by God. He saw the big man upstairs as this evil man who can kill all in one swipe of his hand, Jonathan wanted to perfect protestant community of people who don’t sin and are afraid to sin, The protestant people only believe in the faith of jesus christ our lord and savior and an invisible non-existent church from which the protestant people didn’t take scriptures from other scriptures they only believed in one bible and on person of belief so if you were protestant you would have to believe the person telling you the scriptures and believe every word that is said.   The third and last part of Jonathan’s sermons would usually be the longest of his sermons because he would be reading from his book anymore he would be accusing the people of his congregation, of terrible acts that only God himself would be able to see and no matter what in God’s eyes we are all sinners because God is mad at the people themselves and with smite them to the burning pits of hell and will leave there to suffer for eternity. The people of the young colonies were very foolish and not understanding of this new land they have been moved too so they will believe anything that is spoken to them on Sunday services and if they believe they are doing something wrong from day to day they shall believe they are worthless and shalt commit the sins in fear of the man who will kill all, or they will be careful at every move they make so they don’t want to die.   The conclusive statements I have are that just because you believe in something someone has spoken upon and is trusted by person isn’t always a true fact because God is a forgiving person and loves all the creations of the world he has mercy on all and forgives us for our sins everyone makes mistakes from time to time but we should be scared to live our lives from got smiting us all to hell if we make mistakes Jonathan Edwards perceived god as this all might powerful person who can kill at any moment, but my god is a forgiving man and loves all of us individually and oversees us and protects us from evil, God Bless