Chapter suspects in this incidents. Roxas night market in

Chapter 1


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Background of the


Bomb blast is one of the most terrifying and dangerous event in the world.
Several attacks worldwide had been remarkable in history. Terrorists are the
usually suspects in this incidents. Roxas night market in Davao city was the
one of the victim of bombing caused by terrorism. Many people was affected and
other died in this incident.


Statement of the

          Davao City is continually portrayed by its
inhabitants and the national media as one of the world’s most secure urban
communities. But other news says that Davao has the 2nd most
astounding assault rate in the Philippines.

Vendors selling food
and items at Roxas Night Market decreases after that said bombing. Many people
still finding justice to death of their love ones. Some people have lost their
jobs. Some people are afraid to go to the Roxas night market.

In response in this
problem, our study proposes a research about what happened in Roxas before and after the
Bomb blast. And also to give the truth about the said blast.


of the Problem

know the effect of the bomb blast in Roxas Night Market.

illustrate the accuracy of bombing in Roxas Night Market.           

know more about that incident.



of the study

This research study is anchored on the assumption that
our respondents were accurate and objective in expressing their perceptions on
the Bomb Blast  they encountered in Roxas
Night Market.

 Scope and Limitations

The scope of the study involves the money and time spent.
The estimated time range of this research ranges from a minimum time of 5 hours
a day including the socializing and asking question to the people in Roxas Night

The study is limited only to ask direct questions as a
result of the perception of our study.

of terms             

Bomb – is an explosive weapon that uses
exothermic reaction of an explosive material to provide and extremely sudden
and violent release of energy.

Affect – is usually used as a verb. It is an
action word that means to produce a change in or influence something.

Astounding – surprisingly impressive or

Inhabitant – a person or animal that is a
permanent resident of a particular place or region.

Davao City – is a highly urbanized city in
the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is the largest city in the
Philippines in terms of land area, and the most populous city in the country
outside Metro Manila.

Roxas Night market – Market Place in Davao
city where you can buy stuffs.






















     Chapter II

Bomb attacks are very common today, lot of attacks was
remarkable in the world history .

One of these happen in England specifically in Manchester

According to Mike McCaul the chair of the homeland
security committee in Manchester , that the suspects used a homemade bomb,
containing a TATP a triacetone triperoxide . This chemical is unsafe and
unreliable. It is also used for household chemicals .

Making this kind of bomb is easy for them because they
can find instructions in the internet.

Will Geddes, a British security specialist, said that the
TATP bomb was not assembled outside the place where the bomb was planted.

Geddes confirmed that the TATP bomb was fixed and
assembled professionally inside the area.

Bolts, steels and metal like shrapnel were found in the
body of the victims of the bomb blast in Manchester , same as the thing that
happen in Roxas Night Market in Davao City.

According to Erickson Nacario the victim of the Roxas
Night Market bombing incident that his doctor found a shrapnel inside his arm.

As stated by Tyrone Velez the author of the SunstarPh. There
were 7 previous bombing incidents experienced by the Davaoeños. And the last
one was happen in Roxas Night Market