Celebrating great time as they started approaching a door

Celebrating the wedding:• Three men come into the wedding looking to meet some women, along with have a great time. • They were having a great time as they started approaching a door at the wedding. Behind this door was a grey bearded old man standing on the other side of the door. Stopping the guest to tell the story:• The Mariner stop one of the three wedding guest, by grabbing his arm , and is held the guest against his will with his “glittering eye”. (The glittering eye mesmerizes whomever is  listening)• The Mariner also tells them about the good weather conditions. Seeing the albatross:• The albatross arrives and the ship begins to sail again, they praise the albatross for this success.• Good luck entered when the albatross arrived.  Killing the albatross: • The Mariner shoots the Albatross. • The scene becomes gloomy, and bad luck begins to fill the air. Encountering the death ship and losing shipmates:• The ship does not move the, and because of his actions  the sailors on the ship were deprived of water and under the heat of the oppressive sun.• The other Mariner bites their arms and is hopeful of being saved.• The skeletal ship appears and the Mariner uses rhetoric to question the women he sees on the ship.• Life and death and death gamble for the fate of the Mariner and life in death wins.• The other curse the Mariner with their eyes and then die, their spirits moving at the speed of his crossbow killing the Albatross.   Wearing the albatross: • The sailors place the Albatross on the Mariner’s shoulders as a symbol for his wrongdoing, on killing one of God’s creations. • The curse in the eyes of the other Mariners remain.Being lonely at sea: • The Mariner describes his loneliness and resentful press at being alive while the other sailors have died. • The Mariner is unable to pray or sleep Finding new insight: reverence for the creatures, understanding to the natural world:• The Mariner admires the water snakes and is immediately able to pray, and her thanks his saint for bringing him back to the way he use to be. Dropping the albatross :• The Mariner blessed the water and snakes. The Mariner was inspired with God’s creation of the snakes and he prayed.• As a result the curse was lifted and the Albatross fall off.Growing in understanding and finding a way back home:• The Mariner thanks Mary for allowing him to sleep. • The Mariner had a dream about the sky’s showering down rain, and when he woke up it happened to be raining. • An omnipotent force moves the ship with a wind that never reaches it. • The Mariner hears the spirits singing and playing instruments.• The ship finally reached the equator and the Mariner fell unconscious. Sharing the message, one which is frightful and redemptive at the same time: • Transgression as the snakes, typically known for bringing one into sin are were now shown to help the Mariner’s redemption and the spirits’ intrusiveness in reading the Mariner’s heart allowing him to pray, and redeem himself with the lord.