Case reason behind this issue is both DNS and

Case Scenarios


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HAL is
planning to open a second office in another city, and you are part of the team
that is designing the new network. The employees in the new office will be
performing a wide variety of tasks, and they need a large number of
applications installed on their computers. William, Systems Manager, is having
trouble meeting his budget for the new network, due to the high cost of the
applications, processor, memory, and disk space resources the workstations will
need to run the applications. He is also concerned about supporting and
maintaining the workstations because there will be no full-time IT personnel at
the new site.

You suggest
using Terminal Services to host the applications. William, however, knows
nothing about Terminal Services. Explain how using Terminal Services can
resolve all of the network design problems William is experiencing.

In these circumstances William
should install Remote Desktop Services (RDS), This will enable William to
connect multiple client system to a network, without using the resources for
instance processor, memory and disk space.

In order for this to work William
needs to install Terminal Services to his and client’s systems, this would
allow William to control another workstation using his computer. RDS would
allow William to remotely access system and files of his second office

Issue #2

Harold is a
freelance networking consultant who has designed a network for a small company
with a single location. The owner of the company wants to use an Active
Directory domain, so Harold installs a Windows Server 2008 domain controller
with the Active Directory Domain Services and DNS Server roles. Harold also
uses DHCP to configure all of the workstations on the network to use the DNS
services provided by the domain controller.

Soon after
the installation, however, Amanda, the CIO notices extremely slow Internet
performance. After examining the traffic passing over the Internet connection,
you determine that it is being flooded with DNS traffic. What can you do to
reduce the amount of DNS traffic passing over the internet connection?

The reason behind this issue is both
DNS and DHCP are on same server. DNS traffic was colliding with each other
which as a result is a loss of internet speed.

DHCP services
assigns dynamically IP addresses but due to interference of DNS traffic DHCP
works slow and internet performance also slows down. To improve the issue DNS
and DHCP services should be on two different servers then they both work differently
but on same network



deploying a large number of wireless laptop computers on the network, Jonathan,
the IT senior systems administrator director at HAL decides to use DHCP to
enable the laptop users to move from one subnet to another without having to
manually reconfigure their IP addresses. Soon after the DHCP deployment,
however, Jonathan notices that some of the IP address scopes are being
depleted, resulting in some computers being unable to connect to a new subnet.
What can Jonathan do to resolve this problem without altering the network’s


In order to avoid altering the
network subnetting, Jonathan should configure DHCP lease, What lease time does
is that it provide ip address to a host in given time span. The time span needs
to be less, because when it is higher Jonathan would run out of the ip address.



Michaels is designing a new Active Directory infrastructure for his department,
which is based in New York and two additional offices in London and Tokyo. The London office consists
only of sales and marketing staff; they do not have their own IT department.
The Tokyo
office is larger, with representatives from all of the company departments,
including a full IT staff. The Tokyo office is
connected to the headquarters using a 64 Kbps demand-dial link, while the London office has a 512
Kbps frame relay connection. The company has registered the domain
name, and Robert has created a subdomain called for use by
Active Directory.

Based on this
information, help Edward design an Active Directory infrastructure for his
department. which is as economical as possible, specifying how many domains to
create, what to name them, how many domain controllers to install, and where.
Explain each of your decisions.


First of all, we need to give
separate domain to each office, this would make things less complicated.

then we need to install two domain
controllers, one assign to Tokyo and the other to London and New-York. The
reason London and New York are on the same domain Controller is because they
are smaller and have similar properties, whereas Tokyo is larger and has IT




Susan has
installed the File Server Resource Manager role service on her Windows Server
2008 file servers and created a number of quotas to limit the server disk space
each user can consume. In each quota, she has configured FSRM to send email
messages to the user and to the administrator if any user exceeds a quota. She
has also configured FSRM to create a Quota Usage report each Friday. The next
week, on examining the report, she discovers that several users have exceeded their
quotas, but she has received no emails to that effect. What is the most likely
reason that Kathleen did not receive the FSRM emails and what can she do about


First, we need to make sure if Kathleen FSRM email are not
going to the spam folder because this happens in this type of issues

Second, we need to see if she is properly configured and
has full access right as an admin to make sure she configured FSRM correctly

Issue #6

Libby, a new
hire in the IT department, approaches you, her supervisor, Paul Alexander ashen-faced.
A few minutes earlier, the president of the company, Alan Hake called the help
desk and asked Libby to give his new assistant (Jamie Roma) the permissions
needed to access his personal budget spreadsheet. As she was attempting to
assign the permissions, she accidentally deleted the BUDGET_USERS group from
the spreadsheet’s access control list. Libby is terrified because that group
was the only entry in the file’s ACL. Now, no one can access the spreadsheet
file, not even the president or the Administrator account. Is there any way to
gain access to the file, and if so, how?


She deleted budget
user group from spread sheet access control list which comes under accidently deleted file and folder scenario. For
this kind of scenarios, the only option is too look for the backup of the
recently deleted files. After restoring Budget User spread sheet, she can give
access to Jamie, by adding her as a user in a spread sheet through security
permission section.


Issue #

Amanda Wilson
has asked your team to help her server administrator who has been given the
task of determining why a particular Windows Server 2008 server on a local area
network is performing poorly. You must also implement a remedy for the problem.
The computer is functioning as a file and print server for a small department
of eight graphic designers. After monitoring the computer’s performance using
the Performance Monitor tool, you have determined that the network itself is
the bottleneck preventing peak performance. The graphic designers routinely
work with very large files, saturating the network with traffic. Give two
possible solutions that will remedy the problem and increase the performance
level of the computer in question.

So here I found two solutions I think this is the most
effective for Amanda’s issue  

we can setup new
equipment in network and do ether channeling between routers and switches which
can help to increase performance

Other possible way is
to update the network like changing the subnet lane



Sy Truman is
a server administrator for HAL that uses the Grandfather-Father-Son media
rotation method to back up its network. On arriving at the office on Friday
morning, Sy discovers that the hard disk on one of his servers has failed,
causing all of its data to be lost. The first thing he does is to install a new
hard disk drive into the server and install the operating system. Then,
checking the backup logs, he sees that the last “grandfather” job was a full
backup performed three weeks ago, on the first day of the month. The most
recent “father” job was a full backup performed the previous Sunday. The “son”
jobs are incremental backups that are performed every weeknight. All of the
incrementals for that week completed successfully, except for Tuesday night’s
job, because Sy failed to insert the appropriate tape into the backup drive.
Describe the procedure Sy must perform to restore all of the lost data on the
failed disk, by specifying the tapes he must use and the order in which he must
restore them.