CareerHe saying that David Alan Siegel’s firmness of purpose

CareerHe had a great career in politics. In the year 2000 David Alan Siegel battled for George W. Bush. David Alan Siegel sent a mass email to his employees During the 2012 United States elections and hence caused a huge controversy and sort of a public debate, conveying that they vote for Mitt Romney who was actually a Republican Party contender or else he might have to take serious measures  (inclusive of cutting back on his company’s human resources). In the year 2015, it was acclaimed that his company had literally accomplished “the best year in the history” and Siegel hiked $10 an hour minimal wage of his company.Awards and achievements-In the year 2012 The Queens of Versailles by  Lauren Greenfield was an award winning american documentary film.  David Siegel along with Jackie Siegel, both the Westgate Resorts owners was seen in the film, and their family as they  endeavor to construct the largest and most expensive single family house in the united states that is the Versailles house.To keep the ownership of Westgate’s Las Vegas high-rise resort which was brought by him last year, the PH Towers Westgate, the film also shows Siegel’s failure and hard work. Richard, the senior Westgate executive and Siegel’s son, is recited as saying that David Alan Siegel’s firmness of purpose not to lose the Ph Tower was a crucial source of the company’s financial problems in 2009-11. A majority of the stock of a business in the property was sold to Resort Finance America LLC on November 22, 2011.Net worth- David Alan Siegel (Timeshare king), 81, is the richest person in Orlando with a whopping net worth of $4.9 billion, according to an article by Forbes. David Alan Siegal is the richest person among the America’s 50 biggest cities.He is CEO of Westgate Resorts timeshare company which he founded in the year 1982. Apart from this he owned the Las Vegas hotel in 2016 and owns a football team and many other franchises.