Career one’s perspective. I will define and explain here

Careercan be defined in many ways according to one’s perspective. I will define andexplain here two definitions of career. The first definition of career is rathercommon.

Any common person, if asked the definition of career will probably tellthis, i.e. “career is the occupation, trade or profession”, we take it as thesynonym to occupation. For example, if anyone has taken engineering or medicalor any other field then the job he/she is doing is taken as his/her career.Actually, this is not definition of career, not according to my perspective.The second definition of career is much more complex and broader.

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Career can bedefined as “the series of steps taken in one’s occupation or in any other stageof life (but especially in occupation) and the progress that in the job,occupation, education, internship”. It refers to the title earned in your wholelifetime. It isn’t about just staying in one position.Importance: For example, suppose that you have takenmedical, done with your MBBS degree and then doing just a job.

This should notbe taken as career, rather career should be taken as pursuing your aim, yourgoal. Everyone who is born should have a reason. The goal of their life. If youdo not have any goal, if you do not have any reason then the meaning of careerwill just be an occupation for you. If you do not know what to do with yourlife, if you are just going with the flow then you are going nowhere. Your lifewill go like this. You will complete tenth grade with no tension and worries.

Then you will end up taking pre-engineering or pre-medical and if you are girlthen you will probably go with pre-medical and if you are boy that it basicallydepends upon your parents. If your parents are doctors then they definitelywant to see you as a doctor and since you already don’t have any goal, then youwill be a good child and you will take medical. And if your parents are notdoctors so there are like fifty percent chances. Again you are going nowhere.Let me go further. You again spend your two years with fun and enjoyment. Toget admission into a good medical university is not easy.

It is too difficult.Therefore, you will get admission into an expensive private university, wastinga huge amount of money on something that you never wanted to do. And then youwill spend your time as you had been spending. And then you become a doctor oran engineer. You probably will get a job too. This is the time where there isno more enjoyment. You are now living an extremely dull, boring and ordinarylife.

Following a boring routine. This is the time where you regret and youcannot do anything to make it right, you don’t have anything in your hands andmay be now you realize what you actually wanted to do, what your aim was. Butthere is nothing you can do now. Your life become miserable. This would havenot happened to you if anyone would have guided you, told you what aim is.Thisis where I would explain the idea of career counselling.Counselling:”Counsellingcan be defined as the process of helping, advising or guiding clients, by atrained person on professional basis, in order to solve the personal,professional, social or psychological problems of clients.

“Career Counselling:”CareerCounselling is the defined as the process of advising clients in their careerby a trained person on professional basis”.CareerCounselling is basically the process of training the students so the studentscan make the right decisions for their lives.Careercounselling is not just about guiding you what the field you should take to geta suitable job for you. It is a much broader term. The main goal of careercounselling is not just about guiding you to what decisions you need to takenow but it is to training to make decisions for your career and life throughoutyour whole life because your life is not going to stay in one place. Your lifeis going to change, situations will change and you to continually make thedecisions for your life and career.

Importance:Fromthe very earlier time, the importance of career counselling cannot be denied.It is one of the most important things in student’s life because the whole lifeof the students depends upon it. Most of the students are really confused andworried about the future, they do not know what he/she is going to do withtheir life. After important milestones in the education, students do not whatto do next i.

e. after completing matriculation, they are confused what tochoose now, arts or science, and if science, then to choose what? Engineering,medical or computer science, the same confusion come to students after passingthe grade 12, which college should they go? Which major should they take? Thisconfusion doesn’t leave you because you have to continue making decisionthroughout your life. So, that is the reason, the importance of careercounselling cannot be denied. The students do not know their true talent orskill and end up taking wrong decisions for their life. Career Counsellinghelps students from not regretting. Professional counsellors guide students tohelp them knowing their true talents, their skills and most importantly theirpassion and interest. Career Counselling helps the students in all themainstreams of their life, i.

e. what should be taken after grade eight, thenafter grade tenth and twelve and so on. Knowing the importance of careercounselling, it should be availed to the students from the grade eight.Takinganother example of Ashley Stahl, she is an American national securityprofessional who later on turned to a career coach.

How does this transitionhappen? She worked as a defense contractor in the pentagon while working thereshe slowly realized this is not the work for what she is meant for. She shared herexperience at tedx. The turning point in her life was when her colleague askedher to hold the gun for a while so that he could tie his shoe quoting her wordsshe said “It felt like I was holding death in my hands how was I going to be aspy if I could not really hold a gun”. She was obviously frustrated buteventually she reached out a career counselor slowly going through this shebecame a career coach. Currently she is counselling college students and alsostarted an online career program. Shealso mentioned that the three important questions one must ask to hunt hiscareer 1) what are you good at? It means observe yourself what are you reallygood at when doing that certain task you are delighted. 2) What do people tell me I am good at? Maybeyou don’t know what you are good at but see what people ask you to do whetherthey tell you to teach them a topic or give advice on a problem? That means youare good at it.3)What is holding you back? This question arises after you have searched out yourtalent then what is the thing which is holding you back.

Reach out for helphire a career counselor.Students who do not get careerguidance:Everystudent faces the same questions i.e. what should I take now? What should I optfor? Almost every students is confused and worried about their future. They donot know what they are supposed to do with their lives. Because these studentsdo not get any career counselling or proper career counselling they rely ontheir parents, friends, neighbors and teachers.

Most of the teachers guidestudents and suggest them about the future on their current performance incertain subjects. The students end up take what the people said or opt forconventional choice or what the parents decided for them. Many students makecareer choices on the basis of what their peers had chosen. They don’t, foronce, consider what their interest is, until it is too late and when nothingcan be done.Researches:Recentstatistics show that a whopping 92% of the students do not get career guidancefrom their school.Accordingto a recent research, one in three students wish they had chosen a differentcourse.

This means that about half a million students in a university are nothappy about the course they had taken and regret about it. This research whencarried out for influentialuniversity think-tanks, the Higher Education Policy Institute and the HigherEducation Academy points out:  “Giventhat there are 1.4 million full-time undergraduates, this suggests there couldbe nearly 500,000 full-time students who believe they are on a sub-optimalcourse.” Further studies shows that those students who are studying business,architecture and engineering were the unhappiest and nearly 43% of the studentssaid that they would have definitely or maybe chose something else.Uponasking the reason of the dissatisfaction, they told that that they were notbeing given proper guidance in their school. They did not have much informationabout the course. They came to know about their true interest and talent whenit was too late.Askedabout their general wellbeing, students were less happy than the generalpopulation – with 73 per cent expressing satisfaction with their lives -compared with 78 per cent of the population and 79 per cent of all 20 to24-year-olds.

Asked if they were happy yesterday, only 62 per cent replied:”Yes.”Anotherresearch suggest that the 79% of the MBA students and 83% of the engineeringstudents are unemployable and the most significant reason that was found wasnot getting proper career guidance.The duties and responsibilities ofcareer counselor/How does a career counseling works:Knowingthe importance of career counselling for the students.

There should be propercareer counselling in schools and colleges. So the students should know what todo with his/her life. It is necessary that every student in the school getproper career counselling.

So,now the question arises what does the career counselling or career counselloractually do? I will explain the work of school and colleges’ careercounsellors.Theduties of counsellors vary from age to age.Primary School Counsellor:Themain focus of primary school counsellors to develop those skills in thestudents which will help the students in the decision making and in academics.So, that the student should not find difficulties in academic and social life.The counsellors also meet the parents and teachers of student to know what arethe strengths and weaknesses of the student or if the student has anybehavioral or mental issue.Middle School Counsellor:Middleschool counsellors work with parents and teachers to create a positive, caringand supportive environment for their academic and social cause.

They continueto build those skills in students which will help them in making decisions fortheir life.High School Counsellor:Highschool counselling is very important. High school counsellor advise studentsfor their future. They help the students in identifying the interest and goalof their lives. They help them choosing a right career path and introduce thestudents with different and several career options and their market value. In additionto this, career counsellor guide the students to select the right institutionfor the field that the students have chosen.

Counsellor also provide inform thestudents training programs, financial aid, and internships. They presentseveral career workshops to help students search for their major and apply fordifferent institutions.So,typically career counsellor in career counselling do the following to ensurethat the student get proper career counselling·        They conducts various aptitude tests andassessments test to help students what their skills and interests are.·        In order to develop the realistic goals instudents, career counsellor help the students to interact with things in life.·        They provide the students with thedifferent opportunities to give experience to the students. So, the studentsmust know almost everything when making important decisions of their lives.

·        Many motivational session and seminars arearranged for the students so the students be motivated for their work.·        Career counsellors help the student tocareer a plan for their academic purposes.·        In order to ensure the success of thestudents, counsellors collaborate with parents, teachers and administration.·        They help the student choose and apply forthe educational programs.

·        Career Counsellor helps students to buildthe skills, interests.·        They help the students to learn the skillsthat will help them in getting admission into the desired university or to getthe job. For example, interviewing and networking skills.

THE ROLE OF STUDENTS IN TAKING CAREERCOUNSELLING:Thereis equal role of student in taking the career counselling. In order to make theefforts of career counsellor worth, the students should take it seriouslybecause nothing is going to happen if the student himself/herself is notserious and all this efforts by career counsellors, parents and teacher will goin vain. The students plays an active role in making it successful.Mostof the students, in general, do not go the career counselling centers in any ofthe time during their academic session or even if the school provides thecareer counselling and it is mandatory to attend then the students go there butthey are not serious and they do not show any interest.Manystudents do not share the problems or weaknesses that they are having in theiracademic and social lives with their counsellor because the students think thatthey will be judged. When the counsellor do not know about the students thenobviously their counselling is not that effective as it should be or it mighthave if the student had shared the problem or weakness he/she had and thestudent had trust the counsellor.

Thestudent should take the responsibility for their professional development. Thestudent is the one who is responsible for everything in their lives. They areresponsible for their success and failure. If the student will not attend thecareer counselling classes then obviously he/she is responsible for his/herlose. It is better to prepare before than to regret after. So, students shouldtake his/her career and future seriously and be responsible for it.Ifyou are a good student and you attend every class of your counselling center.

You also go the additional sessions of career counselling. This is not enoughfor you. If you are being provided career counselling that no doubt you are thelucky one to have it. You should the avail it completely, that is, you shouldtake the maximum benefit from it. This can be done by building relationshipwith your counselor.

For that you must have good communication skills. Goodcommunication skills are just not going to help you here with the counsellingbut also in every aspect of your life.Thestudents in a career counselling center should avail the maximum opportunitiesas they could because these centers provide students with many opportunities students.

These opportunities are going to help students in achieving a successful life.These opportunities provide you experience, help you in improving your skillsand groom you in a better human. Parents Role:Alongwith students’ parents must also play a role in career counseling of a studentinstead of imposing their own interest which they think is better for studentinstead they may see the student abilities and encourage them to pursue whatthey like what is their interest eventually it will be beneficial for them thatthey may do best in their career of interest.Benefits of Career Counselling tostudents:Thereare many benefits of career counselling to consider. Since, this world provideyou with lots of career choices, you can easily get confused but careercounselling helps you to take the career that is best for you and that hasvalue in the market as well. Furthermore, it helps you identifying yourstrengths and weaknesses, your skills and interests. Having a professionaladvisor that helps you to know what skill and talents you must have to have asuccessful career, is what a career counsellor do.Thestudents that take career counselling classes are well aware of strengths andweaknesses.

The counselor take several aptitude tests and self-assessment teststhat identify that for which field are you best for keeping in view yourinterests. The students are then well-known of their weaknesses and mistakes.With the help of career counsellor, these mistakes are improved and then thestudents then know which career should not be chosen, which will only lead tofrustration by knowing weaknesses.Themain focus of the career counsellor is on helping the students in identifyingthe goal of their lives, in helping them to know the aim of their lives. Whenthe students know their goal or aim, they have the right direction to go, thestudents know what they are working on what they have to achieve.

Careercounsellor helps the students in achieving their goal. They guide the studentsabout the steps they have to take in order to achieve their goal.Careercounseling provide you many opportunities and experience which helps students alot in their life. Career counseling also helps students to get the trainingand skills that they need in their field.

They provide the students certainways and methods to get that training or experience or skill that is necessaryfor their fields.Atrained and professional career counselor will have a lot of experience andinformation about the job market. The counselor will see the other side of thecareer coin, with which you may be unfamiliar, and this can help you a greatdeal.Atrained, professional and experienced career counselor changes the personalityof the students.

The students under the guidance of a career counselor becometrained, practical and well aware of the good and bad things.Acareer counselor provides support to the students in their difficult times.They boosts the morale of a student by understanding the kind of requirements.Building the motivational level of a student is necessary for long termsuccess. This aids in improving overall performance of a student.

Careercounsellor also helps the students to build communication skills. In order tosucceed and achieve the goa, the students must have good communication skills.Career Counselor helps the students in developing great communication skillsand they also help the students in expanding their network which in turnenhances emotional support.

Conclusion:Ourpurpose is the direction in life whether you call it purpose goal or moretechnically your career in order to succeed in life one must find what is ourhidden talent and we cannot do it alone. A person needs guidance, a personneeds a mentor who can listen understand integrate reflect and give you a wisesuggestion, who looks up at your abilities helps you to achieve your goal. Therefore,a proper counselling is needed see at the point in life when you have to chooseyour career. With a proper career counselling, there are certainresponsibilities of students and teachers to be fulfilled.