Cannot and editing it. The difference is that instead



Cannot imagine how you would study math online? Think
that math is one of the most difficult subjects for many of us
to master? Think again!


You might be surprised to hear that math is the most
adaptive subject in the online classroom. With a multitude of tools and ways to
communicate, math tutoring online is easy and fun. Just give
it a try. You’ll love it!

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Online tutoring can help you easily grasp the math fundamentals – from Algebra and
Geometry to Calculus and Statistics, and everything in between. While being
in the comfort of your own home, you’ll work in an online classroom in
real-time, learning math step-by-step, until you understand everything.


No matter your grade and skill level, you can:


Learn math from the level you are at

Boost your math grade

Simplify your math homework

Get ready for the test

Prepare for college or university exams









Interactive Whiteboard


Whiteboard Technology is one of the innovative tools that
make online math tutoring even more effective and engaging than at a brick-and-mortar
school. It allows you to upload
any document to be used as the background for the lesson. It is interaction in real-time through writing and drawing.


With Interactive Whiteboard you can collaborate
on equations or problems as if you were sitting next
to your tutor in a real classroom! It’s easy to demonstrate how
to solve complex equations, send photos of worksheets, type responses or
underline something.


the same time, you and your tutor are looking at the same document and editing
it. The difference is that instead of a pen you use a mouse.



Face-to-face video chat


Skype. This amazing free telecommunications app replicates
the in-person experience by providing genuine face-to-face conversation. Skype
specializes not only in video chats, but also in text-based dialogs and sending
files. These files are often homework assignments, practice tests, returned
tests, or even photos of textbook pages.



Online session video


online sessions can be video recorded and stored, so that you can playback the
lesson later on
to review them or clarify some moments. As many times as you need. It is also a
great possibility for parents to check how effective the lesson was.



Personalized one-on-one
online math session


Our every lesson is highly personalized – adapted to
the strengths and weaknesses of the student. To those who struggling in math,
we can help to overcome their “math fear” and restore their confidence. To
others, we can help to improve their understanding and consolidate the math fundamentals.
Some of our students need assistance in filling in the gaps in their math
knowledge, while others need just a little push to achieve remarkable results.



Technology requirements for online math tuition


All you need to get started is a laptop with a mouse and a high speed
Internet access. A separate headset will help cancel out background noise. A
scanner is a great asset too.





Now, it’s time to summarize.





Flexibility it time and place: Isn’t that nice to arrange tuition around your life rather than changing
your life to accommodate tuition? You can attend a tutoring session in a
comfort of your home or from any location with an internet connection (and from
any device if using an adequately equipped service).


No need
to travel:
Virtual reality saves your time and money for travelling. No matter the
weather, rush hours and means of transportation.


Efficiency: Because online math
tutoring is simpler to arrange, sessions can be shorter and more frequent,
which is the most effective way of learning. It’s also a budget-friendly
strategy that allows you to spread the cost of tuition more evenly and over a
longer period.


An online math session has all the interactive benefits of a face-to-face


Premium learning tools: Latest technologies
give you and your tutor immediate access to the whole range of online tools
such as interactive whiteboard, online presentations, prompt discussions, video
chat, YouTube and counting. Tutorials – or parts of tutorials – can be recorded
for you to refer to at a later date.


Great option
for busy families:
Online tutoring is an excellent option for busy families. Your kids can get an
online lesson at home, saving you the back-and-forth trips to drop them off and
pick them up. With all the available tools online, your kids’ tutoring session
will always be infused with engaging learning materials.



Have you ever heard people saying “I’m bad at reading” as a
reason to stop improving their English? Probably never. Then why the phrase “I’m bad
at math” we consider normal (even though math is a staple in North American
education systems)? The excuse “I’m not a math person” is no longer valid because research
shows that being good at math is not about natural ability. It’s all about
studying and practicing.