Campus only and do not actually work because Cobb


Mr. Travis Joshua

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Pebblebrook High School

991 Old Alabama Road

Mableton, GA 30126


Dear Cobb County School

     This Campus Campaign is to create
awareness about the lacking and insufficiency heating and air conditioning in
all Cobb County Schools. This is a very big problem for students and teachers
trying to successfully learn and teach. This is a major interference in the
campus’s environment. We as a community are demanding better from the County.

     There are multiple ways in making changes
to this problem. We can make it better by inputting an adaptable thermostat.
This adaptable thermostat can adjust the air conditioning and heating to the
current weather. This is a great idea and intervention that would change the
way of the Cobb County Schools forever. This would be beneficial to the
students and teachers. You will see a significant improvement in learning and
teaching provided by schools.

     Another great way of changing this problem
is adding a thermostat that can be adjusted in the class not simply just for
display. Our community is tired of having thermostats that are basically for
decorations only and do not actually work because Cobb county controls it. Of
course these thermostats would be used responsibly because they would have a
passcode that only the teachers, administrators, and local custodians. This is
a great idea because different areas around the school need specific heating
and air condition according to its current temperature.

     In conclusion, there are many ways to
improve the lack and insufficient of heating and air conditioning in all Cobb
County Schools. I have listed and explained one of the many problems our county
is suffering from. Our community is complaining and seeking improvement from
our County. I have suggested a few of the many ways you can fix these problems
and improve the learning and teaching environment for students and teachers.
Please take these situations into consideration and make the best judgment for
the community. Any of these changes are possible if you simply      “Believe You Can”. Thank you!





Chris Gitimu