Building part. Another factors that essential made they are

 Building materials are mostly
using aerated concrete. They are used for internal and
external construction because of their properties which is highly thermally
insulating. Because of their density 500kg/m3 they can act as
heat insulator for many parts of building construction especially the roofs. Their
materials that made up from foam and cement also one of the factors that made
they suitable for the roof part. Another factors that essential made they are
good insulator for the roofs is because of their minimum thickness is less than
40 milimeter. This type of concrete also prevents the loss of heat in water
pipes. With this type of concrete, the moisture that accumulate could cause great
damage  if the pipe sweating can be avoid
They also prevent frozen and broken the pipes and most importantly save money
by preventing wasteful heat loss. We can accept nails from the domestic type of
construction and joinery by using aerated concrete to repair the bricks. Nails
in a brick wall can remove unattractive holes whether in inferior or exterior. Nails
that we leave in a open space can oxidized and the nails will rust especially for
the exterior bricks that we used on the outside of the buildings constructions.
To have a good blend of patch works with surroundings bricks, we can used some
method by fix the masonry correctly after remove the nails. This also can
render the repair virtually invisible. Other essential uses of aerated concrete
is they can protect steel against fire and also act as covering the structural
part of the architecture by casting some part of the structural steels. Casting is a manufacturing process by which a liquid material
is poured into a mold, which contain hollow cavity of the desired shape and
allow solidifying. Steel casting are indicated when an application requires
high performances connection, complicated geometry including internal passages,
unique materials for aggressive environment and large structural component.