“Build computer for solving various kinds of problems in


“Build passion for
knowledge rather than Success”, this is the principle that I followed
throughout my career. “Gain knowledge and rest follows” is the motto that
inspired me. From my childhood till now I like logical games, puzzles, new
technologies as early as 8years I started using computer in which I used to
prepare my homework projects, notes etc. and then mostly used to play games and
inspired by this I always thought of  how
these games work , how system allows us to play games and do our work.

As I grew my curiosity
regarding working of computers and how logic are utilized in computer for
solving various kinds of problems in order to enable a normal human being / lay
man  to use technology in their day to day
life for resolving the issues

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I secured 90% in my 10th
standard in 2012. After that as a intermediate / high school student, I
completed courses related to Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry as major
subjects in my 10+2 and secured 92% in the year 2012. With an intense attempt
to get into an top 10 graduate school in our state, I secured a good score in
EAMCET exam which I an exam required to get into any grad school in our state
and got into one of the top 5 collages names Sreenidhi institute of science and
technology which take students only from the pool of top 10% i.e. the students
rank below 10,000 in EAMCET exam for computer science and engineering stream in
Bachelor of Technology.

From here my real journey has started
towards my goal. I had no doubts on which field of study I wanted
to tackle and selected the course computer science and Engineering. The course curriculum
at the collage was well designed and it gradually introduced me to the world of
programming. Early in my undergraduate study I was introduced
to basic programming languages of C, C++, Java and Linux programming. I
understood the key features of each language and realized that one was an
improvement of the other.  These
languages fascinated me and I made efforts to acquire extended knowledge about
these subjects rather than limiting it to my syllabus.
also learnt programming concepts like Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Engineering,
Database Management along with SQL Programming Language Processors .I have good
hold on the fundamentals of the above mentioned topics.
In the 2nd year of undergraduate study I have made
a project on Java language named steganography and in the 3rd year I
have made a project based on Matlab named speed detection of moving vehicles’ using
a live video feed from the camera. Not only having a learned knowledge on the
programming language I also have practical knowledge too. Right now at the end
of my under graduate study we have been introduced to some of the new and daily
used language like python, PHP, Cloud computing.   

This solidified my
interest in Computer science and exposed me to the enormous potential of this
developing field. As the depth of studying about computers increased, it helped
me to widen my background in various concepts. So I have decided to make my
final year project on an new programming language namely R language which is
not included in our course curriculum.

Purpose of the Course:

I have reached a point in my life where I need to acquire
skills beyond the technical and analytical abilities .Master of science in computer
science program is a graduate academic program which will help me in increasing
my knowledge.

Master of science in computer science is a program
created as a multidisciplinary study of computer science that prepares students
to meet the challenges of the contemporary work place by facilitating their understanding
of a balanced and informed approach to decision making. The program stresses Development
in the area of programming, decision making, Problem solving, Team work and collaboration.

The reason why I choose to
study at your esteemed university is that it offers me an ideal place to buttress
my academic pursuits under the guidance of renowned faculty. I believe that studying
in your university would give me a meaningful platform to carve my career and help
me grow intellectually as well as personally. I am sure that with persistent hard
work and dedication I will be able to contribute positively to your academically
excellent and culturally rich university. I really look forward to have a long association
with your esteemed university.