Buenos sense sentencing reform to ensure that we longer

Buenos dias  San Juan como
esta todo el mundo hoy? Cause im doing amazing be here with all of today on
this fine evening with all of you today. You know it’s truly amazing to see you
guys officially be a state  after years of being a territory.
 Democracy is amazing thing and it’s honestly great to see you guys be
involved in this upcoming election. Now today I’m here to talk about reforming
criminal justice system which negatively hurts our country as a whole. Mass Imprisonment
is key driver in poverty. When a one parent is imprisoned, his or her family
must find way to make ends meet   with one less income, even minor
crimes  can serve long life barriers to get away from poverty. For instance,
people with criminal record comes with noteworthy issues such as be being able
to get a job or community assistance or being able to  build good credit.
More than 80 percent of employers now use background checks in hiring, and even
an arrest without verdict can prevent a individual from getting a job. The
system  “one strike and you’re out” which is sadly a policy used by community
housing specialists makes it difficult  for decades old criminal record to
obtain housing, which can stand in the way of family of reunification. In
addition to have basic common sense sentencing reform to ensure that we longer
full our nation prison with nonviolent, we as country should explore other options,
such as programs for folks with mental health and substance abuse challenges.
We must remove barriers to employment,housing,education and public help. A
decades old criminal record not consigns an individual life out of poverty. As
you guys can see we need criminal justice reform. We have the highest incration
rates in the world. ? people in our prisons are there for nonviolent offenses, Generally
drug related.  That’s why we as a country needs to move towards recovery
system.  Thank you San jaun for the hospitality here remember to vote Finn
come election day so we can reform our rehabilitation system. Thank you all god
bless San Juan !