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Broadway Cafe


The E-business Strategy will be used primarily to focus on communicating Broadway Cafe©’s unique offerings to its customers. The e-business marketing strategy will be focused on attracting customers by emphasizing the core product offering, providing discounts coupons, free memberships, gifts, special offers, and event information to the existing customers and new customers.

E-business Strategy Broadway Cafe©, will establish and online website where it will have all the information about how unique its product offering is. Along with information of the Cafe©’s offering and its heritage, the Website will provide the customers an option to sign-up for an account. Customers, who sign-up for the account, will receive exclusive offers, gifts and membership points which will help in creating a stronger interest in the company.

Apart from that customer’s will also receive free discount coupons for introducing more customers to sign up for their account on Broadway Cafe© weapon. Further Broadway Cafe© will also encourage customers to reach them from all different mediums, Social Networks I. E. Faceable and Twitter, and email. This E-business strategy will attract customers and increase sales as it will create low cost advertisement for the Cafe©. The advertisement will communicate the Cafe©s unique product offerings, incentives to visit cafe© such as special offers, gifts, etc.

The advertisements will also generally include coupons that will encourage more purchases which will also increase sales. Furthermore, the strategy will focus on encouraging the customers to sign up of their account and refer other customers for sign up to receive discount coupons. This will create a strong nod with the customers and help in effective Customer Relationship Management.

Metrics of E-business: For Broadway Cafe© e-business strategy, effectiveness metrics will be most benefiting.

As the efficiency metrics are more useful towards transactional websites. The website will be primarily focusing on reaching out to public and marketing them about the offering of Broadway Cafe©. Therefore, the effectiveness metrics will be better suited to get more customer feedback and gauge how satisfied people are with the Cafe©. By having Faceable page, Twitter and online Website, the effects of advertising and marketing can be monitored through number of hits, amount of time viewers spend on the website, faceable likes and faceable and twitter following.

Improving Supply Chain: Broadway cafe©, will also implement online portal to stay connected with its suppliers. All the orders for the supplies will be placed online as and when required. This will reduce the time and efforts in managing supplies thereby improving the efficiency of the overall business. Implementing Coffee shop management software and POS system: Broadway Cafe© will implement a comprehensive Coffee Shop Management Software and POS system which ill immensely improve the service delivery and management of the software.

It will provide services such as account management, kitchen management, supplies management and employee management. The Coffee shop management software will also provide analysis and progress report to track the performance of the cafe©. The POS system will provide and easy user friendly screen for placing orders of the customers. KIOSKS: access to the customers. Customers can also use the KIOSKS to customize their own style of coffee and sandwiches and place an order there which will be then served to the customers.


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