British Petroleum Oil Spill Disaster

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British Petroleum Oil Spill Disaster

More than 4 attempts were made to shut off the flow of oil 05 5 Million barrels of oil escape every day below the surface The spill covered 5,000 square kilometers It took about 2 months to shut off the oil (July Shares of the company fell by Brief Facts about the Biggest Oil Spill in History Result of the Up’s Communication Strategy BP Communication Strategy Management How did the managers do it? How did BP use Social Media? Responsibility Tony Hayward: BP assumes full responsibility for the spill” April 30, 201 0 Compensation BP Released Earning Report: Oil Spill was briefly mentioned.

April 27, 201 0 Doug Settles: Tony Hayward in a Today “Will be down to a relative Show: trickle in few days” (One “It was not our accident” week after the oil was

May 02, 2010 flowing at a rate of 10? ASK barrels/day)

June 2010 “The effects of the spill Tony Hayward: would be very modest “There is no one who wants compared to the entire this thing to be over ocean” than me, I would like my life back” Social Media BP Twitter: “BP pledges full support to Departed Horizon probes” 27 April 2010.

BP Backbone: Provided detailed information about how much oil have been recovered. Status of the compensations. 02 May 2010 BP Website: BP Disclosed videos related to 18 May 2010. Imagine with employee monitoring more screen than actually.

Steps Up to Chaos No tactics to A brief list of errors reach all stakeholders Stock market tendency – A good stability monitor Cero sincerity No No timing No methods preparation cero leadership Blaming its suppliers Improper channels methodology No body Censure & limit language the flow of information Image disaster Unwelcome actions Big lie uncovered connection Ambiguity itty Focus on gal topics accuracy NO Empathy Blame SSH fitting Spokesperson Stakeholder & Media Company Truthfulness Result of Up’s Communication Stationmaster’s Re-structured order of importance of stakeholders.

CJ MONGO and communities took more importance. Government took a hard position against the company. CLC USA initiated a lawsuit against BP C] President Obama calls on BP to take responsibility President Obama appointed That Allen as National Incident Commander and 100 received an Increased risk classification of EBB from AAA BP fell out of the FÊTE Result of UP’S Communication Strategy Up’s reaction via Social Media was considered late. It was seen as attempt to be transparent with the constituencies. D After first message BP received 15,000 Tweets. CJ Support through Backbone.

Deficient management of responses through social media C] Anyone could create a parallel count. Little credibility for Advocacy Campaigns. How to Manage a Crisis? “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallow and miseries. ” Profiting from the crisis William Shakespeare. Avoiding crisis Prepare Management t Crisis Recognizing a Crisis Containing Resolving Sec rite and Compliances Policies Establish an emergency crisis and communication path. Analyze the nature of the crisis and its consequences.


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