Breakfast abuse, suicide, family problems. In this research, a

Breakfast is the
most important meal due to its association with positive outcomes. In addition,
breakfast is crucial for attention, energy for the day, focuses, avoiding
fatigue. For example, in this study, a group of children with different
economic status were examined to see the effect of breakfast skipping on their
academic performance; some of them were given breakfast and some were not.

Children who regularly ate breakfast show positive outcomes on their school
performance 1. Many studies revealed that breakfast is crucial in prevention
of many chronic diseases such as heart failure, cancer, diabetes type 1, and
bone weakness 2.

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breakfast is associated with great decrease on student’s grades, attention
within lectures, and fatigue. Moreover, skipping breakfast cam impact
psychologic function (including memory), students’ attendance, psychosocial
function, and mood swings in many age categories among males and females 2.

Furthermore, a study in the University of Ghana Medical School confirmed that
lack of breakfast could lead to fatigue and lack of attention among the
clinical students. Although, there was no evidence that the students skipped
breakfast the whole working days (Monday to Friday). Overall, approximately
78.5% (128/163) of the clinical students felt tired or very tired without
breakfast. On the other hand, about 83% (135/163) felt slightly tired or not
tired at all when they had no breakfast 3.

Although we know
that breakfast skipping is harmful, what is the main reason for it? In our
research, we will focus on stress whether it causes skipping breakfast or not. stress
is a condition of mental or emotional strain that results from many reasons
such as peer pressure, academic life, social problems. A survey was conducted
in Faculty of Medicine, King Faisal University in Alahsaa, Saudi Arabia, among
244 medical students reported high levels of stress. The common factor that
contributes to this increased level of stress was academic demands. Studies
showed that the levels of stress increased in medical students and worsen over
the years of medical school. As a result, this can lead to many psychological
and social problems such as substance abuse, suicide, family problems.

this research, a cross- sectional questionnaire will be conducted to detect the
association between stress and breakfast skipping among health care students of
King Saud University for Health Sciences. The students will be survived are
from each college including preparatory college, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry,
and applied medical sciences.