Blogger incredible of writers. They have experience and will

Blogger Outreach FAQ’S

What exactly is blogger outreach?

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outreach is a form of social media marketing. It involves paying a social media
influencer or offering them freebies to write a positive or neutral review
about your product or service. The massive following that these influencers
have will help you reach many potential clients. It is cheap and efficient in
drawing in numbers.

What does the service entail?

When you
reach out to us, our first step is to understand what it is you want done. What
services or products do you want to put out there. We agree on the key
subjects, links and target market and then create content that is creative and
matches your requirements. We then reach out to industry-specific bloggers who
then publish your content.

Who are your writers?

We have
an incredible of writers. They have experience and will always come up with
content that is both informative and creative. The brainstorming process is as
important to us as the writing process. 
Our writers are experienced and will use the right tone, style, and
language to match your campaign. We change our writing techniques to suit the
demographics o your niche.

Which niches do you cover?

We cover
almost all niches including subject areas that other will normally refrain
from. Whether you are in fashion, cooking, pets, education, art you name it. We
have publishers for almost all the niches. Our outreach blogging also covers
adult themes and gambling, at slightly expensive rates.  Call us before placing the betting and adult

How do I pay?

To make
it ultra convenient for our customers we accept various payment methods. Use
your credit card or debit cards .you can also make a direct deposit to our bank
account or pay via PayPal. Bank account and other payment details are available
on the order from.

What next after I pay?

process kicks off immediately you pay. Our writers come up with content you
require, send to publishers and mail you an activity report.