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Ben Tenenbaum    1/11/18    Borges and Nietzsche:    Borges perspective: Borges portrays Funes as an Idiot savant type- someone who remembers all details. Funes remembers everything, however, Borges’ narrator sees Funes as so unable to forget any details in any aspect, remembering everything, that he can’t generalize. The narrator stating, “His own face in the mirror, his own hands, surprised him on every occasion.     Nietzsche perspective: We see a deeply rooted belief that our memories while personal and dear to our being blind us. People will try and create “memories” doctoring them to create a false narrative. Humans build false memories to protect our well-being and cushion the reality that life is hard.    Both writings they talk of memory and remembering in some capacity, however Nietzsche in his preface mentions thoughts being “out of season”. He analyses the fact that we develop faults alongside our virtues, which corrupts history- we must forget to learn, we are holding on to memory that prevents new experience and knowledge. Borges perspective holds a certain tone of sadness towards another, while Nietzsche basically calls people out on lying to themselves and that we create a world around us in false detail in order to cushion the blow- a harsh reality. History is events of the past, and memories around these times are what makes up what we know, yet if Nietzsche is correct, history is a lie because of memories, a fantasy that people once told themselves.    Of the two a sympathetic look into memory is Borges- his narrator arguably is saddened by Funes lacking ability to forget and generalize, to cushion the harsh reality of the world. Nietzsche takes the approach of understanding we are people, but in that regard, we lie to ourselves creating a false narrative which then is spread-history. In other words, we must forget in order to start fresh.