Ben Ken, appeared through a portal and said “Something

Ben is a high school student who always gets F’s on his tests, but this time, he got an A. “how do you get to the dark matter transformium?” everyone asked him repeatedly.Ben walked out of class confused when his grandpa, Ken, appeared through a portal and said “Something is not right” Ken responded, “tell me about it.”Ken later realized that they went through the wrong portal and ended up in World C3-57.He then turned to Ben saying “Uh-oh.” Ben asked “What?” Ken replied, “We are not on Earth and I don’t think that’s good.” Ben asked in fear, “Jeez Ken, where are we then?” Ken answered, “I think a big boss alien named Plague is trying to steal my dark matter transformium.” Ben screamed, “IS THAT WHY PEOPLE KEPT ASKING ME HOW TO GET TO IT?!” Dark matter transformium is a stone that grants your wishes.Ken then replied, “Keep calm.” Ben exclaimed, “HOW?WE ARE TRAPPED IN THE WRONG WORLD!” Ben responded, “Don’t worry, I know a way out of this.Just follow me.”Ken and Ben start running to their escape pod to leave World C3-57 but stumble upon Plague and his soldiers.Plague laughs and announces “there is no way you two can escape my soldiers alive.” Surprisingly, Ken and Ben killed half the soldiers with the help of the pod’s laser beams and make it to space.With half the soldiers left, Ken controlled the pod and told Ben the passcode to get the dark matter transformium to help them escape from this world.As Ben was mixing up the ingredients, a random voice said “Simulation complete.Returning back to World C3-57” Plague appears out of nowhere in the pod saying “You fell right into my little trap and now I finally know the passcode to the dark matter transformium.” Plague tried to enter the passcode but failed.Ken, with a big smirk on his face, exclaimed, “You think I wouldn’t know if you would put us through another simulation?” Ben quietly said, “Ha, we totally fooled you guys.” Plague replied, “What else could you say that could make this worse Ken?” Ken answers, “This.” as he pulls out his gun and shoots plague.Ken and Ben went back to planet Earth and celebrated their victory with tacos.