Being for the underprivileged children, to help shape their

Being an intellectually curious individual by nature made me venture into various subjects of study from doing my High school in science, then shifting to Economics for my graduation to now doing my masters in International Business.My desire to understand people and things often leads me into a lot of positive & interesting interactions with different people all the time, hence it was only natural for me to get into a profession that takes me close to interaction with people to understand the world around me in a better way.I believe the 3 years i have sent working for an N.G.O for Child education helped me start my professional journey in the perfect way as it helped me understand the world better by organising operational activities for a school for the underprivileged children, to help shape their lives. My willingness to try different jobs requiring vastly different skill sets e.g Logistics to Human Resource Operations to helped me understand the operational behaviours of various sectors.This let me to my next job in Marketing where i believe i could truly harness my desire of working in the field of understanding people ans their needs and building meaningful positive relationships with them.My job required me to perform following roles and responsibilities:> Building relationships with mostly Tier-2 vendors in the b2b sector.> Attending and participating actively in seminars and conferences to understand new products in the industry and build relationships with new suppliers. > Improving marketing strategies by creating a reliable feedback channel with traders and contractors.To expand my limited scope of vision further i decided to pursue my Masters in International Business for the AAA accredited Kedge Business School, France.I am currently a student in Kedge, and am looking for an Internship that can aid my my future employer and myself by utilising my skills and expertise over the years to be a valuable asset to my employer.