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Being an undergraduate student in a country like India has its share of brilliant benefits. One such benefit is to experience the transition of a nation from the clutches of poverty and want towards growth and development, which, though gradual has been occurring at a very evident pace for anyone to not get impacted with it.I am one such student of technology who deciphered the enormous necessity of learned and educated professionals a nation wantsto effectively build up its potential and prudence. Upon the fag end of my under-graduation, I feel that there are still several dexterities of knowledge and wisdom unscathed in my field of interest i.e., Information Technology. My thirst of being more aware of the latest developments and enhancements in the field of Information Technology and Information Management can be only satiated with a masters degree in that specific field which would help build my orientation in a stronger and better way, making me stand on a firmer ground with regard to the current advancements and most importantly the application part of it. I believe that there are a few parameters which are to be met to select a place of study which include a supportive environment, a cordial community and above all an apt alma mater that can cater to a wonderful learning experience.Besides having a host of eminent professors on its faculty, gives me wonderful opportunity to hone my skills and acquire knowledge in my chosen field and also improves the noble vices of leadership and administration through experience and research.Let me now brief a few lines on the readiness and preparedness of me for this particular course. I come from a town called Narasaraopet in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh which is better known for its culture and legacy and an unique cuisine of food. I completed my schooling at Vasavi concept school which built in me a set of qualities comprising individuality, cognitive ability, and courage to accept my mistakes and to learn from them. Later, I decided to pursue my bachelors of technology from K L University at Guntur which showered me with opportunities to transform myself into a wholesome individual. It made me believe that education extends beyond the four walls of a classroom and into the realms of pragmatism and perfection. My passion towards Information systems was triggered during this time. I was wondered when I understood the ability and scope of information to impact every strata of society ranging from the daily activities of a common man to the highly sophisticated Govt. departments and multinational companies. It was also the time when the access to information via internet is proliferating to unimaginable scales because of the surge in sales of smart phones. I also had the fortunate experience of working in a fledglingstudent ordinate that is unfurling its early wings. I accomplished the responsibility of being a coordinator for the Samskruthi( Indian Heritage club) which strives to embed the nuances of Indian culture and its heritage into the young and vibrant minds through regular activities, events and festivals.