Being Advanced Practice Registered Nurses are vital for the

Being a nurse is
my destiny. I do not have some sappy story to tell you. The first time I even
had a thought about making nursing my career was when my friend recommended it
to me. After researching it and getting into nursing school, it became my life.
This career has given me so many opportunities. I have a sincere appreciation
for being able to be there for people when they are in their most vulnerable
state. While nursing has given me so much, it also feels as though I have given
so much in return. I did not have fantastic grades during my associates’
degree. Once finding my passion in nursing during my time at Northwestern
Oklahoma States Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, I was able to
finish my last 60 hours with a 3.4 GPA. It shows how much this means to me. You
will be hard-pressed to find somebody that wants this more than me.


Advanced Practice
Registered Nurses are vital for the future of healthcare. Patient care is one
of the reasons I enjoy nursing. When looking at continuing my education, I
looked at many specialties, but being a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) puts me
in a great position to be able to communicate and interact with my patients
better compared to some of the other roles. Providing holistic healthcare is
something I believe in and will implement as a Nurse Practitioner. I have seen
first-hand the negative effects of few primary care providers in rural areas.
NP’s can close that gap. I plan to stay in North Oklahoma and bring healthcare
services to people who have trouble accessing it.

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 I have had the privilege of caring for a wide
range of ages during my time as a nurse. Working in an in-patient rehab unit
gave me a lot of experience. The unit treated patients with strokes, traumatic
brain injuries and post orthopedic surgeries. I was able to get valuable
experience while using numerous nursing skills. I also have experience now
working with individuals with mental health issues. I currently work at an
in-patient children’s psychiatric unit serving ages 5-18. The facility takes acute
patients and residential patients. Acute Inpatient provides high level care to
children and adolescents who display behaviors dangerous to themselves and/or
others. Residential care provides long-term residential care to those patients
with psychiatric, emotional and behavioral problems. I also float to a
geriatric psychiatric unit. Working with all of these age groups has served me
well in preparation for a career as a Nurse Practitioner.


I have recently
shadowed Nurse Practitioners, and the experiences have only strengthened my
desire to pursue this career. One of the practitioners I followed runs a
clinic. I watched as he did his assessments and made the diagnoses. The thing
that stood out to me is the connection he had with his patients. He took the
time to get to know the real person. It reminded me why I fell in love with
nursing to begin with. It made me ecstatic thinking about my future as an FNP. I
want to make my own connections. Advocating for my patients means the world to
me. I will continue to do that as I move on to the role of Nurse Practitioner.


I believe that
going to Spring Arbors would put me in an optimal position to succeed.  The fact Spring Arbors is a Christian based
college puts it at the top of my list in potential colleges. I have researched
FNP schools and I have seen many raving reviews on Spring Arbors FNP program.
The student success advisor will be very beneficial as you have someone to
guide you through the courses step by step. I was specifically looking for
schools that weren’t just online based. I wanted a school with a proud, long
tradition. Spring Arbors was founded in 1873 and has a well-established brick
& mortar campus. These factors have put Spring Arbors front and center in
my search for a quality FNP program. 
Spring Arbors is a school that I would be proud to have a degree from.
There is no doubt in my mind that by the end of my education at Spring Arbors,
you will be proud to have me as a graduate.