Before Zuckerberg have. Certainly, you would try to please

Before moving on, I would like to explain the meaning of
the word technopreneur. A technopreneur is basically an entrepreneur who is
technology creative, innovative and passionate towards work. They don’t fear to
fail, they take challenges and strive to lead their life to greater success.


As for me, being a technopreneur in the future would be
thought-provoking. This might take me into a wider perspective in my life.
Truthfully, being a technopreneur would be a tough thing for me to deal with.
However, technologies invented in the future would be fascinating for me. For
this reason, I would be glad if I would be a technopreneur someday. But,
technopreneurship is not more on skills, there are many characteristics a great
technopreneur like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg have.

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you would try to please all the customers to convince them to buy the
technology you invented. For me, it would take a long time to make that
technology appealing and more purposeful to bring the costumers buy all the
inventions, if I would sell that device. In being a good technopreneur,
communication with other technopreneurs is important. They can help you in
times of difficulty in your business. If ever I would be a technopreneur, I
must also be prepared for the situation where there will be a point in my life
when someone may steal my concept or ideas.


            In conclusion, being a
technopreneur for me would be challenging. I will have to adopt a
business-suited attitude, which means I should be able to handle huge
responsibilities. Not only that, I will also have to improve my creativity and
innovative thinking to create profitable ideas. Owning a business requires a
lot. I must able to imagine and invent something new, which could give benefits
to customers.


have ideas in mind and they are innovative, but cannot be compared to Steve
Jobs or Bill Gates, and I cannot consider these ideas enough for me to reach
their level but I do have confidence in myself. As for me, I am not yet ready
to become a technopreneur. Well, you never know, I might be just like them.