Before date, more than 16,000 UMT graduated class are

Before we discuss the
review of university of management and management technology innovation study
and what could be the changes in the hostels we should know a little about this
university. University of management and technology was framed in 16 June 2004,
preceding it was working as Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) since
1990. University of management and technology lives in Johor town. To date,
more than 16,000 UMT graduated class are serving broadly and all inclusive in
driving associations. In 2015, the University of Management and Technology
(UMT) praised 25 years of ‘Development with Eminence’ in acknowledgment of its
commitment to the advancement of advanced education in Pakistan. As a chief
foundation of higher learning in the nation, UMT is perceived by the HEC of
Pakistan as a ‘W4 Category’ (most noteworthy rank) college. For over two years,
UMT was likewise at the best according to HEC positioning in General Category
(medium-sized) of private segment establishments in the Punjab. At present,
150+ authorize programs are being offered in the 13 Schools and 4 Institutes
working in the University. UMT is likewise the principal private part college
to build up HEC endorsed sub-grounds in Sialkot.


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A hostel is good quality budget accommodation that
offers a comfortable night’s sleep in a friendly atmosphere at an affordable
price. Hostels also provide the perfect way to get to know a country at low
cost and meet many like-minded travelers while using the communal facilities
such as the bar or lounge, the kitchen. Hostels offer a wide range of
accommodation including shared rooms (either single sex or mixed) and private
rooms. Private rooms are becoming increasingly popular at our hostels, making
hostels open to families and couples as well as individuals and groups.

In a few countries, such as the United Kingdom,
Ireland, India and Australia, the word sleeping place sometimes also says
something about to business house making ready longer stretch of time rooms. In
India, Pakistan and South Africa, sleeping place also says something about to
boarding schools or learner dormitories in political representative in a
country colleges and organizations for higher education. In other parts of the
earth, the word sleeping place mainly says something about to properties
offering shared rooms to journeyers or backpackers. . It provides a chance to
see a new general condition, full of force not dependently and to be adjustable
to the changing conditions. He has to face many sudden changes in his day-today
living whether good or bad. He learns to middle way with his persons living in
the same room, he doesn’t get any food from his starting point but from food
tin so he again gets habituated of that. The students are far away from their
homes and the parents send their learner to work-place and they must make
certain that his/her very young person is lives in sleeping place is safe or
not, so the safety must be there for students and each sleeping place have at
least 2 safety guards and one head of organization for higher education to take
care of learner. If you can get changed to other form crime against property,
destructing and trick by having a working well secret design in place, you will
be able to get changed to other form losses and increase your peace of mind.
You may need to do a take views of because of nearby crime in your part, or you
may have already been marked and need to safe your property. Area stoning way
in will help you take into account all areas of your starting point or
business, so that any improvements to safety are more likely to be working
well. Good safety and attention to detail will help keep (from doing)

The life in a hostel is
different from that of the home. The greatest blessing of hostel life is
independence. You may sleep whenever you like. You may get up late in the
morning but none will question you. Apart from the general rules and
regulations, which are to be followed necessarily by everyone, one is his own
master. It is due to this reason that many students do not like to go home even
in long vacations. Those who love freedom love the hostel life. In a hostel,
life is full of opportunities of amusement. One is constantly in touch with
young men of one’s age. One can make friends with one’s hostel fellows who have
varied tastes and aptitudes. He may choose his friends according to his own
liking. Mutual discussions of their favorite film actors and actresses, long
criticism of the latest picture seen by them, and story-telling, add charm to
hostel life. Good arrangements of games and sports, Sunday specials and eating
competitions, and day-to day merry-making, make the hostel life a thing of envy
for all.  A user satisfaction survey was
developed to obtain the students’ qualitative feedback on their experience with
the designed indoor environment. The study found that the student residents
were satisfied with the five main performance categories identified (see also Hassan
in, 2008). Students are the users of the hostels. The issue is whether they are
comfortable or uncomfortable with hostel facilities provided to them. There are
a few problems in the facilities of the hostels that is mainly plumbing. The
tap for the basin leaks for a few times and have to wait for the plumber for a
long time. The public washer machine always broke down and always need for
maintenance. In addition, it was observed that there is no ramp or entrance for
physically challenged students. This should have been considered in the design
of the building and should be taken care of. Furthermore, there are problems in
terms of fire safety in a few hostels that is the sprinkler and smoke detector
was not present. Besides, this research will also investigate the difference in
the satisfaction levels of students living in hostels within the campus and
those living in hostels outside the campus. Satisfaction with fees, distance
from university facilities, room safety, room size, hostel security, and hostel
facilities are the most important factors which predict undergraduate students’
satisfaction with their hostel. Their perception towards hostel facilities is
necessary as this can help in the improvement in the hostel facilities and
management. Although now a day’s Hostel life is much necessary for students but
still there are some limitations. There are many problems and limitations in
the hostel life. We conduct an online survey and present many problems to the
hostel life through a questionnaire. We use the data mining for prepare the
result after done survey. Through the use of automated statistical analysis (or
“data mining” techniques! businesses are discovering new trends and
patterns of behavior that previously went unnoticed. it can be used in a
predictive manner for a variety of applications. . We will give some solutions
after survey on problems in hostel life using the data mining. We create a
questionnaire which highlights the many problems! Which are related to hostel
life. From the fellow or senior students. We have to face when you enter the college
hostel to share your room with a room partner. Hope you never had shared your
room with anyone this change would be quite difficult to you. *our roommate may
hail from a, joint family and never tried to keep a private environment in the
room. When a student completes his schooling and enters into a college far away
from his place of living, he has to meet with an experience of his new life
style. It provides an opportunity to see a new environment, live independently
and to be adaptable to the changing circumstances. He has to face many
unexpected changes in his day-today life whether good or bad. He learns to
compromise with his roommates, he doesn’t get any food from his home but from
canteen so he again gets habituated of that. The students are far away from
their homes and the parents send their student to study and they must ensure
that his/her child is lives in hostel is safe or not, so the security must be
there for students and each hostel have at least 2 security guards and one
warden to take care of student. If you can reduce theft, vandalism and fraud by
having an effective strategy in place, you will be able to reduce losses and
increase your peace of mind. You may want to carry out a survey because of
recent crime in your area, or you may have already been targeted and want to
secure your property. A logical approach will help you consider all areas of
your home or business, so that any improvements to security are more likely to
be effective. Good security and obvious attention to detail will help deter
criminals. Hostel life is challenging if not stressing. For those who traverse
district after district, it is a whole new chapter in life being miles away
from home. Hostel life comes with keeping up with the trends, putting up
appearances and living in a boxed life of a larger-than life way of dwelling.
“You can’t be expected to wear the same dress-top week in, week out, you just
feel pressured to do all that it takes to keep re-stocking your wardrobe,”
Gloria Kiwumulo a student at Maker ere University Business School comments.
“And you also have to face up with different characters, as roommates come in
all fashions,” she explains. To some, it is that unhygienic roommate, to
others, it is that Holy Mary, super religious roommate who keeps reciting Bible
verses to the nagging of her room-mates. “Then you have that annoying neighbor.
That egocentric twerp who plays loud music or worse when his girlfriend is also
around, there are always loud irritable sounds going through the corridor,”
Edward Nimusiima from Makerere University says. For Nimusiima, the annoying bit
is the uncontrollable swan that these friends become, stomping the yard,
drinking, throwing up in the sink as noise blares from their ‘cheap’
subwoofers. And then the feeding sets in. As the semester begins, everyone
prides in a ‘fat’ wallet and fast food joints are the order of the day. But a
good stay in a hostel will also teach one, that cooking from the hostel is
cheaper in the long-run. According to Moses Abeka of Kyambogo University, “food
joints around universities offer weekly, monthly and semester ‘feeding
packages’ based on the menu and the frequency of meals.” One restaurant near
Erima Hostel in Banda offers a semester package of Shs300,000 which entitles
one to a variety of meals through the four months. This trend is popular among
finalists who woo unsuspecting high school girls from neighboring schools and
the naïve first year students. Then, there is that co-habiting couple. These
are students who take the courage to live like husband and wife. The couple
rents a single room, well-furnished and complete with a double bed. The girl
plays the role of typical housewife taking care of general house duties while
the boy is expected to cater for the luxuries, make up and food. They pool
resources from their parents to finance this lifestyle.





University and
management and technology hotels is a private place for students. Where they
can live while getting education. Hostel should be place where student can live
tension free a place where they feel like a home and secure their self. While
security survey of umt hostel I see university of management and technology
hostel use physical security program to provide security to their guest and
protect their building from any kind of harm and threats.

has two separate spacious Student Housing (USH) for male and female
participants, with pick and drop facility has been provided as a necessary
requirement to maintain educational standards across the board, and to provide
equitable opportunities to day scholars and outstation and overseas
participants. The UMT Student Housing (USH) for Boys and Girls are situated at
Abbas Block of Mustafa Town What Road Lahore.

UMT Student Housing (USH) offer independent Cafeteria and recreation areas. All
rooms are well equipped with necessary furniture and have attached bathroom
facility. The Student Housing (USH) life further adds to the already rich
learning experience at UMT. The boarders come from diverse social and cultural
backgrounds, nevertheless as part of community they live like a family. They
interact, help, support, encourage, and guide each other and enrich their

collegiality, team-spirit, fun, and learning are the features that reflect the
life and times at UMT Student Housing (USH). Currently, almost 410male
participants and 315 female participants are residing in the UMT Student
Housing (USH).

Rules and Regulations:

are not allowed to go outside the Student Housing (USH) after 11:30 pm for
boys and 6:00pm for girls. However, in case of any emergency they will
have to inform Deputy Head, UMT Student Housing (USH).
guest / outsider can stay overnight in the Student Housing (USH) without
prior permission.
father and real brother can stay but not more than two nights. Rs 500 per
night will be charged for guest stay.
visitor is allowed to enter the Student Housing (USH) without handing over
his original N.I.C. at Student Housing (USH) gate. 
one will be allowed to travel in Student Housing (USH) transport without
having valid Student Housing (USH) card.
summer no one is allowed to use AC/ cooler without written
permission, registration on record book.
case of any query hostilities can contact Head, UMT Student Housing
(Head USH) or Deputy Head, UMT Student Housing (USH) through email and
cell phone.
case of breach of rules, case will be forwarded to Head, UMT Student
Housing (Head USH) for taking stringent action against violator.
UMT Student Housing (Head USH) has full authority to charge fine or to
expel law offender from the Student Housing (USH).
Housing (USH) accommodation will be provided only to bonfire students of
UMT domiciled in places other than Lahore city. Day scholars need not
apply except under special circumstances.
seeking admission in Student Housing (USH) should apply on the prescribed
forms along with two passport size photographs that can be obtained from
the Admissions Office or can be downloaded from the UMT website.
a boarder who is allotted Student Housing (USH) accommodation is not
personally residing in the allocated room and is found by the
administration to be misusing the room i.e. keeping unlawful or illegal
occupants, his/her allotment will be cancelled and the case will be
referred to the Disciplinary Committee for further action.
authorities are not obliged to provide Student Housing (USH) accommodation
to every student. The Student Housing (USH) management reserves the rights
to refuse this facility.
shall be required to pay their dues in advance i.e. prior to joining the
semester. In case of arrears, they will become ineligible to stay and the
allotment shall stand cancelled.
the participants are required to get a clearance certificate from the
Head, UMT Student Housing (Head USH) before the award of degree.
kind of affiliation with any political organization, federation or Jamaat
and any activity accordingly will not be allowed in UMT Student Housing
(USH) premises will not be allowed.
leaver before his completion of degree is allowed to enter in the USH.

For boys and 6:00pm for girls.