Because found that news outlets gave drastically more coverage,

Because these
propagandistic tools have led Muslims to become interchangeable members of a
terrorist conspiracy, there is also a tendency to leap to the conclusion that a
Muslim was responsible for the attack and these attacks will receive
significantly more media coverage. For example, the U.S media coverage of the
recent massacre at a mosque in Quebec City failed to mention that there were
two men that police were holding as suspects. Instead, Fox News reported there
was a single suspect, with the name, Mohamed Belkhadi, when it turned out that
Mohamed was the one who called the police when he heard the shots and the
actual gunman was the other man, a white French Canadian (Corbin 459). In addition,
when the perpetrator of a terrorist attack is Muslim or “looks Muslim”, it is
expected that attack will receive significantly more media coverage than if the
perpetrator was not Muslim. In a study on news coverage for all terrorist
attacks in the United States between 2011 and 2015, researchers found that news
outlets gave drastically more coverage, about 449 percent, to attacks by
Muslims even though these attacks are far less common than other kinds of terrorist
attacks (Considine 2). For example, the media focused substantially more on the
three people killed in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing than the seventy-five
people killed that same day in car bomb attacks in Iraq (Graziano 171). The
Boston attack was executed by a Muslim, who was ultimately labelled as a Muslim
terrorist, while the Iraqi bomber was Buddhist, and the phrase ‘Buddhist
terrorist’ doesn’t seem to make sense in today’s society (Graziano 172). The media’s goal is to
feed a public with a voracious appetite for scandal and entertainment and
as a result, people become, “imbued, by a mechanism of repeated association, with
problematic images or stereotypes” and their distorted-reality enhances their
fear towards Muslims (Stanley 156).

            By intentionally
invoking these narratives in the name of national security, Stanley qualifies the
type of propaganda as undermining propaganda. This form of propaganda is, “a
contribution to public discourse that is presented as an embodiment of certain
ideals, yet is of a kind that tends to erode those very ideals” (Stanley 53). This
is referring to propaganda that appears to be appealing to national security but
is actually subverting this ideal in the process. Politicians are appearing to
promote the right to live without fear but this is simply being used to justify
actions that diminish the freedom, fairness and equality of Muslims. The
discriminative discourse used in politics, the ‘travel ban’ on Muslim
countries, the policies increasing surveillance of the Muslim community, and the
many insistences attributing violence and extremism to all Muslims are
undoubtedly correlated to the increased number of hate crimes towards Muslims. Muslims are frequently assaulted in
today’s America and hate crimes of all kinds
have been on the rise, including the intimidation of Muslim groups and the
vandalism of mosques and other places of worship. These are spaces where people
should feel safe, but instead they are often the targets for non-Muslim
extremists. The Council on American-Islamic Relations recorded a 57%
increase in anti-Muslim bias incidents over 2015, which was accompanied by a
44% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in the same period (Considine 9). The
statistics on anti-Muslim crime incidents is likely even higher than documented
because many incidents go un-reported due to the, “certain level of
desensitization”. Some American Muslims often feel like nothing can be done
when they are harassed for their faith (Considine 10). Therefore, the goal of establishing high levels of racial
profiling and surveillance of the Muslim community is not consistent with our
democratic values and ultimately places an extra burden on innocent American
Muslims during their day-to-day living. 

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